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Product Review

Monave Sheer Vegan Lip Gloss

Food Recipes

Chef John's Summer Squash

Page's Grilled Maple and Cream Peaches

Body Recipes

Cinnamon Parsley Mouthwash

Natural Breath Spritz

What do you get if you cross an insect with the Easter rabbit? Bugs Bunny

What's green and loud? A froghorn

Did you smile?

Well , these kids would. On average, children laugh and smile 400 times a day, while adults only laugh or smile 15 times a day. The first week of August is National Smile Week and Pure Zing and Lyle Lovett both agree: 'You'll find life is worthwhile if you just smile, smile, smile...”

You can start today by entering this month's practically sinful, stress-reducing giveaway. No catches, folks – just because we love ya. Filled with $150 worth of personal indulgences, these all natural, Pure Zing tested products will soothe your soul and make you smile. And if the planet could smile, it would too– these products won't harm our ailing earth!

product review

Solay Natural Tooth Powder


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Monave Sheer Vegan Lip Gloss

Munave Vegan Lip GlossWhat frames a smile & makes it irresistible? Soft, shiny lips. PureZing is beaming about Monave's Sheer Vegan Lip Gloss that is silky not sticky. Without any chemicals, your whole body will smile!

food recipes

Chef John's Pan Seared Summer Squash
with Fresh Basil and Lemon Vinaigrette

photo of delicious squash
Sum-Sum-Sumah Time Squash, Sweet Zingers? Short and simple, but long on silibants, thick rounds of summer squash are pan-seared, followed by seasoning with a light lemony vinaigrette sequel.

Page's Grilled Maple and Cream Peaches

Page's Grilled Maple and Cream PeachesFend off the summer heat with something exquisitely sweet! An easy to prepare summertime dessert, where peaches and cream combine with pure maple syrup.

body recipes

Cinnamon Parsley Mouthwash

Cinnamon Parsley Mouthwash

Keep your gums healthy and breath fresh, without irritating alcohol-based commercial mouthwashes. You can do it yourself with this recipe that combines common safe kitchen ingredients.

Natural Breath Spritz

smiling womanAn alternative here: A mouthwash whose ingredients almost directly match those of a well-known natural products supplier.

Change is inevitable (except from a vending machine).
You can change your 15 smiles a day to 50! Smile at others, and watch their faces light up. Make someone's day...with your smile!

For more products, articles, recipes and ideas to smile about, visit us at www.purezing.com.

Grins from the whole Pure Zing Team

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