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December Newsletter

December can be busy, stressful, cold, dark, icy and packed with shopping, wrapping,
shoveling and party plans. Pure Zing has some easy and lovely ways to inject this
month with freshness, simplicity, health and elegance.

new products

Vital Choice Salmon
Caviar - Ikura

Loaded with Omega-3
Sustainably harvested
Low calorie!
Price: $20.00 (6 oz.)**

Jane Carter Hair
Nourishing Serum

Essential oil & vitamins
Repairs dry hair
Adds shine
Price: $18.00**

Introductory Package
To Carol Tuttle

Spiritual Self-Help &
Personal Responsibility
Best-seller book & 2CDs
Price: $47.00**


Pure Zing’s December Product Reviews
include three artisanal products that
meet Pure Zing’s standards of excellence:

New in Pure Food — 'Tis the season of celebration!
So why not treat yourself to CAVIAR? Our review of Vital Choice’s lush Salmon Caviar finds the price is right and the accompaniments are easy. Best yet, the health benefits are immense: this stunning caviar is loaded with Omega-3 and is very low calorie. If you love caviar, you have favorite ways of treating yourself to this lovely delicacy. If you have never tried caviar, this is a fine introduction to this taste!

New in Pure Body — Cold wind, frosty weather, heaters on high: winter is the perfect recipe for dry, brittle, flyaway hair. Give your hair the greatest gift it can get this season — Food for hair! This luxurious, all natural product from Jane Carter Solutions sends nourishing and restorative ingredients right into the cortex of the hair shaft. Your hair will literally feed on it and drink it up… replenishing itself.

New in Pure Living & Health Isn't better health the best gift you can give yourself this season… and all the rest of your life? In a mere 54 minutes, you can give your body permission to be well! Our review of Carol Tuttle’s fascinating methods for spiritual self-help finds you can learn to speak to your body so that you only allow health and wellness. It's an amazingly simple but powerful technique that allows your body to do what it really wants to do: be healthy!

6 Reasons to Eat Dark, Organic Chocolate

chocolateDecember is certainly a
month of indulgence, so
why not indulge well?

If you want to have your
chocolate and eat it too,
then choose dark, organic
chocolate. A square of
dark organic chocolate a
day just may help keep
the doctor away. Now,
that’s the best reason of
all to eat chocolate!
[full text here].

Sizzling SPF Secrets & Skin Protection


Before you set one foot outside for a day on the slopes or at the beach this holiday season, check out our three newest ZingCasts featuring Erik Kreider, CEO and Chief Visionary of Kabana Skin Care, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. It will definitely surprise you to learn what the Big Five sunscreen suppliers really mean by "All Day Protection", "Sun Block" and "Waterproof". Click here to listen and learn the real inside scoop on how to identify sunscreens that really protect you. After listening, you just might want to check out our review of Kabana’s SPF 15 Natural Sunscreen as well as their fab Holiday Gift Set!

  new recipes

carrot soup

It's About Thyme Carrot Soup

Rich, satisfying, nourishing and beautiful, this fresh thyme and carrot soup is a lovely way to begin an elegant multi-course dinner… or the perfect soup to warm yourself with in front of a glowing fireplace.


rosemary and garlic pan fried lamb chops

Rosemary & Garlic Pan Fried Lamb Chops

Tired of turkey? Get the best lamb chops that you have ever tasted and prepare them quickly and elegantly. This simple recipe will awaken your tired taste buds with fresh herb flavor.


avocado facial

Avocado Facial

This month, when you buy food for your table, be sure and get some for your face too.

This soothing, moisturizing recipe also reduces puffiness: just in time for looking your best this busy season! Easy to do, this fresh facial will really give your dry and stressed skin the nourishment it needs.


** All prices listed in this newsletter reflect published web prices as verified on the day of this email’s distribution. Pure Zing is not responsible for any price changes under control by the manufacturer.

From everyone at Pure Zing, we wish you Peace, Joy, Health and Happiness!

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