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February Newsletter From Pure Zing

Did you resolve in January to cut back on your use of unnatural ingredients? You may be interested to know the month of February was named after the Latin term, februum, which means purification, or month of cleansing. So February is a perfect time to actually start ridding yourself of unnatural, impure products.

At Pure Zing, we don’t believe you have to give up luxury to “go pure”. Whether you are planning an indulgent Valentine’s Day, crave a decadent, gourmet discovery or just want to find new ways to cook, eat, indulge, pamper and even love more Purely – this month’s newsletter has some Zingy solutions for you!

new products

Homocrin Natural Shampoo
>From Natural Kiosk

Probiotic enzymes
restore balance; aloe
vera hydrates
Free of allergen,
parabens, OMB & SLES
Different versions for
different hair types
Price: $24.95 $19.95*
(8.45 oz)

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Veradent Whitening Toothpaste
>From Natural Kiosk

Icelandic lichen, lemon
and silica with other
natural ingredients
Sage, tea tree oil
and grapefruit seed
deter bacteria & cavities
Price: $7.45 $6.95*
(3.4 oz)

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>From Natural Kiosk

Minty menthol flavor
Aloe vera and other
natural ingredients
No alcohol, fluoride,
SLES or saccharine
Price: $7.45 $6.95*
(8.45 oz)

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New in Pure Living

Sole bath using original Himalayan Crystals

The Sóle Bath using the Original Himalayan
Crystal Salt

Beware Imitators! The original Himalayan Crystal Salt refers to only one specific crystal salt, the “Original”, coming from one specific location in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan. Containing all the 84 natural elements in the human body, the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt has been the subject of comprehensive medical research as written about in the book Water & Salt - The Essence of Life , by Dr. Barbara Hendel, MD and Peter Ferreira.

Hand-mined from the depths of an ancient primordial sea that existed when the Earth was a pristine eco-system, the rarity and intense nutritional value of this salt itself, is enough reason to acquaint yourself with this unique product. However, for those who ascribe to the principles of bio-energy, you may be interested as well in our article from Ed Leach, Founder of American Blue-Green, LLC. Here Ed describes the special energetic qualities of this salt released as part of a Sole bath experience... More...

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Weight Loss: Fight Back with Your Mind

In this month’s article, Dr. John Farley, inventor of the Sleep Slim diet approach, describes his views on how the food industry makes it difficult for those striving to lose weight. His method offers an alternative to traditional diet methods, offering a highly innovative but simple mental imagery technique for you to seize the “master control switch” behind your brain’s hypothalamic urges to eat. More...

New in Pure Food

Deep Chocolate Peanut ButterOur Double Crave
Rave - Deep
Chocolate Peanut

All natural organic
20% Lower fat than
name brand peanut
Price: $5.00* (10 oz.)

If you like peanut butter cups, then you will adore this purely decadent creation! Only organic ingredients have been used, so when you can’t resist indulging, dip a spoon into this incredible peanut butter and deep, dark chocolate combination. Frost your brownies and chocolate chip cookies with it, and slather it on a buttery croissant! No matter how you eat it, this creation is Peanut Better!


Manuka HoneyNatural Kiosk’s Manuka Honey UMF 16+

>From New Zealand,one of the highest potency antibacterial honeys on the planet.
Read review.

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New in Pure Food

Good Clean Love

Good Clean Love
All Natural Personal Lubricant

Four scents: Lavender Rose,
Wild Strawberry, Cinnamon
Vanilla and Almost Naked
Price: $16.00*
(8.45 oz.)


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Live and Love Well!

The Pure Zing Team

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new recipes

new food product

Purely Simple
Pot de Crème

Intense chocolate whipped in 5 minutes!



Linzer Muffins with
Gourmet Organic Cranberries and Almonds

Great way to start a Valentine’s Day!


Fragant Nail Soak

Fragrant Nail Soak

Someone may take your hand, kiss it and even put a ring on it this February. Prepare your hands and nails to look their best!

New in Pure Home

Lemon Magic

Lemon Magic: 200 Beauty and Household Uses for Lemons and Lemon Juice

Patty Moosbrugger’s handy book describes uses for lemons from laundry and kitchen cleaning to beauty and first aid.. More...



Sensory Perspective’s Portable ElectroSmog Detector

Detects and signals
wireless radiation
emissions anywhere
Tested by dB
Technology labs and
CE accredited
Price: $89.00*
(palm sized)


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