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Himalayan Crystal Salt

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® Stones
American BlueGreen, LLC

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Place an order for this amazing salt and you will receive a box that has over two pounds of salt stones in it. The stones are in a drawstring cotton bag that opens to reveal a most unusual sight.

First, the salt stones are not in small grains or even small stones, but in very large chunks of 100% pure mineral salt. Some of the stones are 2-inches wide and each of them is a different shade of pink. The visuals alone are stunning, but the health benefits are beyond what anyone normally associates with salt.

There are only two companies that are allowed to mine this Himalayan salt and the means of extraction are strict: no mechanical or explosive devices are used. This salt is gathered from below a Himalayan mountain in Pakistan, selected, crushed and washed by hand and put in the sun to dry. This salt is handled carefully and revered: to preserve its valuable content.

This salt contains 84 minerals: all the minerals and trace elements that are found in the human body. To replenish the minerals that your body needs to function optimally, put some of the large Himalayan salt stones into a covered container and add water. The next day, a ‘sole’ has been formed. Sole is a liquid that is filled with the minerals from the salt, and which you can take on a daily basis for health. Sole is easily absorbed into your cells, metabolized and used by all parts of your brain and body. One of the main benefits of taking a teaspoon of sole every morning is to balance the pH of your body and to help eliminate years of stored refined table salt from your system.

What we call salt in this country has been ‘refined’. Table salt, as we know it in America, has all of the health-giving minerals removed from it, and only a poison remains: sodium chloride. Your table salt is actually 97.5% sodium chloride and 2.5% moisture absorbents and iodine. Far from health promoting, table salt contributes to disease.

Refined table salt can cause cellulite, due to overly acidic edema or excess fluid in the body tissues. Because excess refined table salt cannot be eliminated, it binds with proteins, forming new crystals that are deposited in our joints and bones. This recrystalization results in arthritis, gout, kidney and gall bladder stones. Taking sole helps rid your body of those poisons.

Making the sole is easy. Taking one teaspoon every morning followed by a glass of water is easy. Remember, this is not table salt that is dangerous, but a mineral filled crystal that benefits the functions of your body: improving conductivity, circulation, normalizing blood pressure, cleansing the intestines, improving skin conditions, and even weakening addictions.

Beautiful to look at, filled with health-giving minerals and health restoring qualities, these incredible salt stones will give you months and months of daily sole. This is more than just a salt: this is PureZing!

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