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Q: Are you paid to give good reviews?

A: We do not receive any money. All reviews are written based on the quality and results of each product. If a product or food is not of a high standard or quality, no amount of money could induce us to waste your time or ours and write a review for it.

Q: Why do you only do positive reviews?

A: We do not do ratings. Ratings tell you which is better or worse. Sometimes ratings tell you which is number one, and then go on to berate all the other products/foods all the way down to number 50. No one wants to buy, use or eat number 50 much less number two or three. Therefore, we only review the best of the best. We are not here to waste your time slamming products that you will not have an interest in using because they are inferior, don’t work, taste bad or are unhealthy. Pure-Zing will only put the best of the best on our site, and believe that is all you are interested in knowing about.

Q: Why are you qualified to do these reviews?

A: Our team of testers are an adventurous bunch, and we have tested, tasted and tried most foods and products. Our standards are very high, we read vociferously and have a good sense for what is hype versus what is quality. Bottom line: we are consumers, just like you, but we have taken it a step further and made it our business and mission to seek out the best of the best in natural and organic foods and products. We literally spend all day, day after day, searching and calling suppliers. We read books about the latest health discoveries and ingredients and we taste, test, use, smell, and use, use, use! We don’t put up with inferior or wannabes. We don’t have time for hype or hyperbole. Quality is out there waiting to be discovered. It is our mission to find it and write about it so that by our detailed descriptions, you discover the products that meet your specific needs.

Q: What are your review parameters?

A: We often use a product for weeks so that we know truly know what the results and quality are. With foods, we will cook them as many ways as possible, at first eliminating any additional seasonings, and then trying them in conjunction with other foods and condiments. With either foods or products, we have a list that we go by to ensure that we describe as many of the characteristics of a product or food as possible. Not always in this order, but describing as many of these as possible, we write about: visual appeal / packaging, color / style, fragrance, texture / consistency, flavor, weight / portion / shape, ingredients, ease of use, results / quality, special attributes / uniqueness, awards / reviews, and interesting background notes supplied by the owner/creator.

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