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Cheeky Baby Butter

Cheeky Baby Butter


Have you ever looked at the ingredients of the products that you are putting on your baby? Know what a paraben is? What about petrolatum or dyes? Did it ever occur to you that what is in a product is absorbed by your baby’s skin?

If you want to keep your baby pure inside and out, then this is a product that you will want to use. No parabens. No synthetic fragrance, colors or preservatives. Not tested on animals. Vegan. 99% organic and 100% natural this is a soothing and moisturizing butter balm for babies.

Put it on their face, bottoms…anywhere that needs healing, cooling, soothing, moisturizing treatment and know that when this balm is absorbed by their skin, that it is doing no harm. Here are the certified organic ingredients: shea butter, sunflower oil, rosehip seed oil, calendula flower oil, olive oil, lavender oil, roman chamomile oil and red mandarin oil. Tocopherol, which is vitamin E, is also added.

The natural fragrance oils should not be used on babies under three months old, but after that age, notice how the calming fragrance of lavender not only gently heals, but also relaxes. The owner believes that it helps babies sleep better…especially if you sing to them, while you put this balm on them.

Scoop a tiny bit out of the 4-ounce jar and warm it in your hands until it melts and gives off its fragrance. Gently massage your baby and enjoy the softness of the oils and the gentle fragrance. Now, scoop a tiny bit more and warm it in your hands again. Now apply it to your hands and neck: you will find that you benefit from these ingredients just as much as your baby.

A lovely fragrance, presentation and ingredients, PureZing is pleased to be able to feature this pure, organic butter balm for babies…and their mamas.


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