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Foot Scrub
Foot Scrub
Khushi Spa

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Oh my! You are going to love this foot scrub! You have finally found the one that beats what they use in the expensive salons. Now YOU can have a professional-strength foot scrub at home…and it’s all natural too!

When you get a pedicure they soak your feet for a little while and then they slather on the foot scrub. I don’t know about you, but I always want them to do it more, concentrating from my ankles to the rough and dry spots, around and between my toes and all the way around my cuticles. Now I can do it…and this is the foot scrub to do it with! Why?

This is not just a sugar scrub like you would use on your body. This is sugar, with ground luffa and cranberry fiber! No wonder it works so well! Add in sweet almond oil for glide and softening and you have a super foot scrub that only quits when you do. This scrub does not ‘melt’…it maintains its scrubbing qualities until you are ready to rinse it off.

Grapefruit seed extract is included as the natural preservative as well as a natural healer. Vitamin E and essential oils of rosemary and peppermint add antifungal properties as well as refreshing and reviving vibes to tired, hot, swollen or just neglected tootsies.

No matter where you live, this is the YEAR ROUND product that you will come to rely on. Want you feet to glow and shine in sandals? Use this! Want to waken and refresh feet that have been encased in boots all winter? Definitely use this! Cold feet? Hot feet? Use this scrub and change the temperature of the water that you rinse your feet in after using this scrub. Your feet will be stimulated, clean, smooth, healthy, glowing and happy!

A slight slick of sweet almond oil remains on your feet after you have patted them dry. In about five minutes, it is all absorbed, and your feet look fresh, moist and cared for. The rosemary – peppermint fragrance is a delight and gently lingers: if anyone wanted to kiss your feet….you wouldn’t mind at all.

In a wide mouth 8-ounce container, this formula is easy to scoop into. Note though that you no not need much: a small scoop the size of a quarter will do one foot and ankle with plenty left over. The consistency is 98% scrubbie stuff, and 2% oil: just enough oil to make it slick, but not drippy.

Our whole team LOVES this foot scrub! Give this a try and see if your feet don’t feel even better than they do after an expensive spa visit…the good vibes last and last. This foot scrub is Pure Zing!

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