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Nascent Iodine
Nascent Iodine
LL’s Magnetic Clay, Inc.

Pure Zing is really, really picky about the supplements that we consider for review. There are thousands of them out there and not only are many of them exactly alike, but many make claims that we cannot always verify. Therefore, we only review the supplements that we feel are unique and have a substantial record of use and efficacy.

If you have never heard of Nascent Iodine, you are not alone. This form of iodine is consumable and is atomic (rather than molecular) which allows for a huge energy release when taken. As if that is not enough, this form of iodine is in the form that your body recognizes and therefore it absorbs and uses it effortlessly. The body recognizes this atomic, ‘charged’ form of iodine as being the same that the thyroid naturally produces - which makes T3 and T4. This iodine is so perfect that your body accepts it completely. This is the iodine that is supportive of the thyroid’s natural function. This ‘charged’ energetic state, once it has been diluted with water and consumed, slowly loses its energy over a 2-3 hour period.

Nascent Iodine is neither detoxified iodine nor an antiseptic, denser form of iodine. It is also totally unlike glandular iodine that contains hormones to take over the role of your thyroid. This is a form of consumable iodine that is the most difficult to produce, but that supports and nutritionally builds your thyroid without toxic buildup. This support allows all your cells to effortlessly be supplied with daily iodine requirements.

Iodine is absolutely necessary for life and optimum functioning of the body. Due to toxic chemicals, lack of nutrition in our food and our poor food choices, many of us are iodine deficient which causes hormonal dysfunction in almost every cell of the body. Not only does iodine balance the cell hormone levels, nourish the thyroid in its production of T3 and T4, but it supports detoxification of the body, regulates metabolism, supplies physical energy, improves immunity and due to its antiseptic characteristics it also fights infections.

Fluorides halides and bromides mimic iodine and competitively inhibit iodine absorption. Over the last 30 years, human iodine levels have fallen 50% while at the same time magnesium, selenium and zinc levels have also fallen off. During this time, there have been increases in breast diseases, thryroid and immune system diseases and prostate disease: all caused in part or whole by magnesium, selenium, zinc and iodine deficiencies.

The importance of iodine has been known for over 100 years. It was used extensively as THE supplement in medicine to combat disease until the advent of pharmaceuticals. While most people have forgotten the many uses for iodine in their daily lives, many people are rediscovering the plain and pure use of iodine in its most absorbable and supportive form: Nascent Iodine.

Iodine is safe but you are cautioned not to take it after four in the afternoon as the energy boost might keep you awake at night. Several drops in water before breakfast (30 minutes before eating), before lunch and before 4 in the afternoon is the recommended dosage. Or you can consume it one hour after eating breakfast or lunch.

Two Pure Zing team members have been using this product for three weeks now. There have been no side effects, increased energy and a slight weight loss due to feeling fuller, faster. The iodine is easily ‘droppered’ into a small glass of water and the taste reminds one team member of the ocean…which they love! Both members want to continue using this product knowing that most people are iodine deficient. It takes huge, huge amounts of iodine for any overdose or toxicity level to be reached, so they are confident that even if their levels are not overly low, that they will at least maintain peak iodine for optimum health benefits.

Everyone at Pure Zing is very impressed with this product and would highly recommend its use. Read more about iodine, nascent iodine and iodine deficiency in particular on the internet. It’s fascinating, appalling and something that you can easily prevent with high quality iodine such as this.

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