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Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel
Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel
Natural-Immunogenics Corp.


For those of you who use and are familiar with colloidal silver’s outstanding antibacterial, anti-fungal, healing, immune-boosting properties, you will want to read about and own this breakthrough topical gel. Yes, the supplier who has the proven best colloidal silver on the market has just created a colloidal silver topical gel!

Everyone on our team is a huge fan of colloidal silver, so when we saw this product at a trade show, spoke with the owner and then got to actually use this new creation, we were all thrilled! The gel is clear and is very light in consistency. It spreads easily, and in a moment, it has soaked in without leaving any sticky residue. There is nothing else like this gel and we believe that every person who wants fast, natural healing without chemicals is going to flip over this!

The owner believes that this gel will replace all other topical ointments. Why does he believe this? Well, let us count the ways:

  • This formula reduces pain and skin inflammation.
  • This formula does not sting and reduces the heat and redness of skin irritations and wounds.
  • This formula is used for rashes, bug bites, burns, razor burns, ulcerations, itching, bruises, acne, eczema, blisters, cuts and scrapes, redness, stiffness and pain from minor wounds and sunburn.
  • This formula is non-greasy, odorless and completely transparent.
  • This formula promotes healing and fights skin infections.
  • This formula does not contain any synthetic preservatives.

Silver has been used throughout the centuries to purify water, clean wounds, fight infections and boost immune systems. Whether people ate from silver spoons, put a silver dollar in their water barrels, or recently used colloidal silver, the health benefits are remarkable. Now, you can get all the benefits of the best colloidal silver on the outside of you!

The active ingredients are metallic silver, argentums metallicum: 10X HPUS, 20X HPUS and30X HPUS. The inactive ingredients are silver hydrosol, carbopol and sodium hydroxide. This formulation comes in 1-ounce or 2-ounce glass bottle and is the perfect topical antiseptic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory for kids, adults and even minor pet skin irritations.

Our team was so impressed with this amaZing product that we named it one of our Eco-Discoveries of 2008. This product will be released soon, so keep coming back so you can order a few bottles of it when it shows up on the supplier’s site. This product is one of a kind…and Pure Zing!

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