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Salted Grassfed Butter

Salted Grass-Fed Butter
US Wellness Meats

John Wood of Grassland Meats True raw cheese and the butter judged #1 In The U.S. by American Cheese Society is right here. Click here to listen.

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Tasting this butter was absolute heaven! Judged the number one winner for two years in a row, out of 500-600 entries from all over the country, this butter is incredible.

For those who have never experienced Award-Winning butter, you are missing one of the most wonderful flavor experiences in the world. As the dairy says: it starts with sunshine, then the grass that collect the sun’s energy and goodness, then the cow’s that graze on the pure grass, then the cream that is made into butter. The six families that produce this amazing cow's milk are all certified organic.

Oh my, but it’s so good! This is the way that 70% of the world still eats butter: no pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, animal by-products, tampering, chemicals, synthetics or mass manufacturing. This is as close as we can get to the way that our ancestors ate butter for hundreds and hundreds of years. Nothing fake: just pure goodness from grass-fed cows.

Each day, the cows that produce the cream for this butter get a fresh new pasture to eat from. Thirty pastures: only the richest and most succulent grass that has had 30 days to grow and fill with nutrients. That is all that these cows eat and that is why this butter is so good for you!

In some countries, butter like thisis so prized that it is given as awards. Filled with omega 3 and CLA, this butter is health promoting and has cancer-fighting qualities. It is also flavorful, creamy and perfectly seasoned with just the right amount of salt. Without one drop of food coloring or additives, it’s the most beautiful, real butter yellow.

When was the last time that you had real bread and real butter? Get a pound of this salted butter and live! Taste it directly from a spoon: it’s divine! This butter is cultured after pasteurization in an old European recipe which adds bacteria and enzymes into the butter mix. The puts back the guy-friendly bacteria that pasteurization takes out: for your health's sake.

It arrives frozen in a wrapper with a drawing of a yellow sun, green grass and a cow on it. Simple, but one of life’s pure pleasures, this First Place Award winning butter is Pure-Zing!

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