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Skinny Pasta
No carb, no calorie, no sugar pasta!

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Right now I'm going to be reviewing Skinny Pasta Linguine. Now "skinny pasta", that sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it because skinny and pasta really don't go hand-in-hand. That's the reason why I gave up pasta and probably why you did too is because pasta is filled with short chain carbohydrates which leads to a puffy, rounded tummy! I know for me a slip of my lips certainly padded my hips! Well that was the before and Skinny Pasta is the after!

Skinny Pasta is high fiber, low calorie, gluten free, salt free, and zero net carb pasta! What that means to you is you get to eat and enjoy pasta like everyone else.

And of top of that Skinny Pasta is low carbohydrate, high-protein and filled with vitamins and minerals! Plus it contains a very special fiber that comes from a Konjac plant (that is similar to a yam) that helps you feel fuller longer, but we will talk about that in a few moments.

First let me get into the instructions and how you prepare Skinny Pasta because that's the easy part. Then I'll tell you why it's so good for you. All you have to do is open the package up, throw the precooked pasta into 12 cups of boiling water, drain/strain the water then add your favorite sauce or olive oil, throw in into a salad, mix it up with some veggies or a little salmon. Basically, whatever you want and then bon appétit!

What does Skinny Pasta taste like? Well, what I like about it is that I get the sensation of eating pasta without the down side. A little olive oil and garlic and I am a happy camper!!

Now I would like to let you know that when you open the package you may smell a little bit of a fresh lime sent. Some people call it a starchy smell. That's okay. That smell is because of the limewater that was used in the precooking of the pasta.

You are probably wondering, besides what we have already talked about, why is Skinny Pasta so good for us? Let me tell you. Number one you're looking at 15 g of protein and 150 calories! That's a big time YES!! But wait, there is more...

So, let's get down to the skinny on Skinny Pasta. Traditional pasta is made up of white process flour which is loaded with carbs. That's why you usually feel sleepy and so full after you eat. Not so with Skinny Pasta. There is a special ingredient that makes up Skinny Pasta. It is called Glucomannan.

Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber derived from the root of the konjac plant, a type of yam grown mostly in China. For over 2000 years, Asian people have reaped the health benefits of glucomannan by using it as a fiber supplement, making sauces and noodles.

This ingredient, Konjac, is wonderful for you. Let me explain how it works. Once you eat the pasta and the pasta is digested in your tummy, that's when the Konjac does its magic. It starts to expand in your stomach and it holds up to 100 times its water weight. What that means to you is it fills you up and gives you the sensation of being full and not being hungry. So you get a fabulous meal, you feel fuller longer and better yet, you don't feel sleepy after you eat. Why? Because of the Konjac. What takes place is that the Skinny Pasta digests slowly which is something that doesn't happen with traditional pasta.

Another benefit of this something we don't talk about on TV but we will right now because we're on the Internet and this is a review is digestion and elimination. All that fiber is good for you in that area.

Is there a con? Well... the only con I can see is psychological. You are not realllly eating traditional pasta. So---get over it. I mean really. Skinny Pasta is an alternative that is good for you.

Skinny Pasta is available at health food stores across the nation. Skinny Pasta offers Skinny Linguine (Noodles), Skinny Penne and Skinny Rice.

You can visit www.skinny-pasta.com to get recipes, special offers, additional questions answered as well as make a purchase.

Buy Now!

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