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Nursery and Playroom All Natural Cleaner

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If you’re a parent, or even a grandparent, you know what it feels like to see a child sucking on a bottle of cleaning product! That is what happened to a father who had only turned his back for a moment while cleaning his daughter’s nursery…and he leapt for the phone to call poison control!

The story has a good ending as it was a bottle of prototype that his daughter was harmlessly sucking on this particular father was instrumental in getting this non-toxic nursery and playroom cleaner developed. But it reminds all of us that the chemicals that we use to clean our baby’s and children’s rooms and toys with, are dangerous, poisonous and toxic. Whether the child puts the cleaning bottle in their mouth, or whether they ingest, inhale or absorb the chemicals directly from the surfaces that have been cleaned, little ones shouldn’t be exposed to solvents.

We all want to make sure that cribs, toys and playroom surfaces are clean for our children, so here is a safe, food-grade product that not only cleans as well or better than harsh chemicals, but is safe enough to eat! The father says that it tastes terrible, but it is literally safe for your children and pets to ingest or be around.

The ingredients are fatty acids, coconut tallow, potassium salts, glycerin, food-grade surfactants and an emulsifier that is no harsher than baby shampoo. In a large 32-ounce plastic bottle, the color of the liquid is a pale blue, and the fragrance is fresh and so light as to almost not be detectable.

Our team used this product on everything! We cleaned mirrors, bathrooms, tables, cupboard doors, doors, windows, countertops and floors with it. Why? Because that’s where children crawl, touch and chew, and even sleep. We wanted to be sure that this product did what it said: cleaned without leaving streaks or a residue…and it did!

The father that helped formulate this product says that his three year old daughter has her own bottle of this cleaner, and with supervision, cleans up after herself. Safe for her hands, her mouth, her toys and all her playroom surfaces, this is a product that you can feel safe using anywhere around children.

We sprayed our hands directly, and there was no burning, dryness or irritation. No synthetic fragrances are included and no fragrance is left behind after use. We like this product’s safety, as well as its cleaning ability. For use on toys, wood, furniture and plastic, one mother even swears by it to remove urine odors from carpet and fabrics.

If you have children and their toys are all over the floor…and then in their mouth, this is the product to clean those toys with! This is the product that any parent could safely use on any surface that your child’s hands, mouth and skin will come into contact with.

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