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Soap-It Nuts

Soap-It Nuts
Earth Care Market

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We’re NUTS about Soap Nuts! These ‘nuts’ grow on trees (we’re not kidding!) and contain saponin…a natural soap that cuts through grease and removes dirt as well as leaving clothes super soft. All you have to do is put nuts in the tie-top cloth bag and toss it in your washing machine! You can also make a liquid soap out of the soap nuts. The resulting liquid soap can soak stained garmets or get your cold-wash off to a faster start.

Here are the simple directions for using soap nuts and getting perfect results every time: Put 3 nuts in the reusable cloth bag provided and add to a lukewarm-water wash. Wash clothes as ususal. For regular machines, use 3 nuts 3 times. For front loading machines use 1 nut 1 time. Make liquid soap by boiling 6-7 nuts in 4 cups of water for 10 minutes. Refrigerate to keep fresh. Use 1/3 cup liquid for cold-water wash. Also great for dishwashing and general cleaning.

Why are Soap-It Nuts so amaZing? Because they grow on trees they are renewable. They come from the Asian Soapberry tree and they are totally natural without toxins, dyes, petroleum by-products or synthetic fragrances. They cost less per load than any other laundry detergent, naturally soften your fabrics so that fabric softeners are not needed - as well as naturally brighten your colored clothes without added ‘optical brighteners’.

People like that they can keep their clothes washing simple: determine the number of nuts to add; no waiting on powders to dissolve (if they do!); and no storing and throwing away of plastic bottles or detergent boxes. These soap nuts clean thoroughly, deodorize, soften clothes, brighten colors and all for less money! Imagine clothes that are completely clean…and all without toxins or waste! WOW! When the soap nuts are out of soap…throw them in your compost pile or on a flower bed: they are REALLY biodegradable!

Mothers love these soap nuts for their baby’s and toddlers clothes. They are perfect for towels, sheets and lacey undergarments. They gently clean blankets, sweaters, wool and delicate silk – keeping them super soft. Even smelly athletic clothes get totally clean and smell fresh! No matter the fabric, soap nuts cleans it thoroughly and safely and all without contributing to water pollution or skin sensitivities!

Our team has used the soap nuts in about 10 loads of laundry. The fabrics ranged from silk to denim, wool to cotton and mixed fibers. Every item came out perfectly clean and stain-free! The colors were bright, the whites were white, and the feel of the fabric was soft. There was no powder residue….no boxes or bottles to store, heft and then throw away…just some nuts sitting on the very empty shelf that usually held a bottle of liquid detergent!

The nuts themselves are feather light and hard. They are brown and funnily enough, they have a faint fragrance like raisins! When added to water and agitated, they produce a very low sudsing effect that results in totally clean clothes. Add your own essential oil fragrance to your rinse water if you desire. Decide if you want to create a liquid soap to soak badly stained clothing or even wash your dishes or clean with: the decisions are up to you, rather than dictated by a bottle or a box. You know your water, your clothes and the results that you want. With Soap-It Nuts YOU can be in charge and get the perfect results that you want every time! That’s Pure Zing!

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