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Organic Cotton and Wool Comforters

Organic Cotton and Wool Comforters
No Feathers Please


The filling is organic insulator wool and the outer cover is European organic cotton. That sounds simple…but the finished product is an amaZing compilation of weightlessness, durability, purity and adaptability.

The organic cotton fabric is woven into a stunning damask pattern in Europe. It is then shipped to the United States where the remainder of the comforter’s fabrication takes place. Just the right amount of organic insulator wool is inserted and then the wool is held in place by hand tufting the damask from one side to the other. The finish work is superb and the quality of fabric and wool is exceptional!

The comforter that we reviewed was the Tropical / Lite Weight Comforter. It will accommodate sleeping room temperatures from 55 to 75 degrees. The wool filling adapts itself to your body temperature so that you never get hot or cold. Wool absorbs moisture and wicks it away from your body where it then evaporates into the air. This weight of comforter will suit most people’s sleeping conditions and is feather light (without the feathers!).

We loved the look of it, the feel, the weight (or lack of it, we should say) and the fact that it could be used summer, fall, spring and winter! The comforter is only 1-inch thick and is soooo soft! The damask is cream colored with an exceptionally subtle pattern, the majority of the fabric being plain with the faintest sheen.

The owner suggested that on evenings when the sleeping room’s temperature is higher than 75 degrees, to put the comforter under the sheet, and to sleep on it. The wool would wick away perspiration, cool your body temperature and be feather-like to sleep on!

Several weights of comforter are available: each with more fill for colder sleeping rooms. One comforter even has no wool: only cotton…and of course, completely organic! Several unusual sizes are also available along with the standard sizes.

We loved this feather light, low-profile comforter that is adaptable to the seasons, is totally chemical-free, pesticide-free and elegant! Once you touch a comforter like this, once you sleep under or on a comforter like this….you just can’t go back to the synthetic ones: there is NO comparison! This is a high quality, totally pure and elegant comforter that will last you years and years. You won’t ever regret the pure sleeping pleasure that you get from this because day and night, summer or winter…this is PURE Zing!

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