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CleanWater Blue

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This product is amaZing! It replaces chlorine and bromine in your spa and leaves it bacteria and algae free and clean without the smell, toxicity or irritation of the other harsh chemicals.

Some of you know how great silver is (colloidal silver) in killing bacteria. Who knew that copper could do the same thing for spa water, plus kill algae? Small ions of copper are in this product and clean and purify your water without toxicity. The water becomes so pure with this product that it passes the tests for drinking water!

This product is concentrated, so you only use a teensy bit twice a month. Much better than the huge amounts of chlorine once a week…and so much better for both you and the environment when you finally let the water out!

Add this in to your 3-Month Spa Treatment Starter Kit order, and then sit back and soak, knowing that your water is not only clean, but it’s safe and non-toxic for everyone. Easy to use and economical as well, the whole PureZing team only uses this product line in their spas. If you are in doubt about just how great this product is, read the testimonials about this whole spa line on the supplier’s site: rave reviews by major spa dealers who think this is the best spa product available.

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