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The ABC’s of Pruning The ABC’s of Pruning
Hugh Perry

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Watch a clip: http://www.abcsofpruning.com/pruning_movie.htm

Not all of us have acres of trees and shrubs that we want to look like a park or showplace. Most of us however have a few plants and trees and rather than spending the money for an expert for our small area, we decide that we can take care of our plants ourselves.

We stand there with pruning shears poised and then back away. Where do we cut? When do we cut? How much dare we cut? Will we kill our plant? What do we do with the really, really overgrown ones?

To the rescue is this lighthearted, easy to watch and understand video. Hugh Perry shows us through video shot over three years just what happens to plants when you prune them. Great close-up shots clearly show where and how to prune and then tip after tip explains so much more!

Here are just a few of the subjects that are covered in this 36 minute video:

  • The 3 categories of plants: A plants, B plants and C plants and how you prune each type
  • The 5 natural shapes of plants that determine how you prune, and how often you prune
  • Your goal is to prune once a year or less – and what would make you prune once a month or more!
  • Find out what an adventitous bud is and how it can determine how you prune
  • Learn the difference between shearing and thinning and what each does to a plant
  • What are the best tools to use for pruning?
  • What time of year should you NOT prune?
  • When plants are pruned, how do they respond?
  • Learn how to trim tree branches and what a ‘collar’ is.
  • Find out how to keep a tree branch from cracking when you cut it
  • Get tips on pine trees and conifers that will give you denser foliage. Find out when and how to prune them well.
  • What are the rules for pruning perennials?
  • What do you do with overgrown shrubs? Tear them out or thin and prune? Know which plants need which.
  • Learn how to protect trees from deer and find out the secret to trimming grasses.

All plants get too big and all plants need to be pruned. When the plant reaches the architectural goal that WE set for it, then we need to hold the plant at that shape and size: through pruning. Pruning keeps the plant at the perfect shape and size so that it does not overwhelm a space or even a view. Pruning keeps the plant healthy and encourages extra growth. Pruning is GOOD…and it’s even better when you have confidence in your pruning skills. It’s amaZing that watching an expert for 36 minutes can give you so much confidence, but it can! Pruning is not really hard…not when you know the ABC’s of how, when and even why to do it.

We have watched this video twice now and know that we have learned LOTS! We learned that some of our plants need to be cut back much more than we have ever done, exactly how all of our plants, shrubs and trees will respond to pruning, and when NOT to prune them. We know about types, shapes, tools, collars and that plants really, really want to grow.

It’s up to us to shape, thin and prune them so that they serve our architectural and emotional needs well. An overgrown and unruly plant is really like an undisciplined child. Each is better with a sure and knowing hand and defined limits. This video shows you how to tame and discipline your plants, trees and shrubs so that you will always be proud of them. This is a great, informative video that is worth every cent and every minute. A must-have for every gardener who wants to save money, time and plants!

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