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Pure Zing Announces 2007 Top 10 Eco-Lifestyle Products

One-of-a-kind artisanal natural products and mobile health technologies for conscious consumers

PureZing Top 10 Eco-Lifestyle Product Directory

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St. Augustine , FL – March 6, 2007 - Pure Zing, web publisher of PureZing.com, a directory of product reviews catering to discriminating, health-conscious consumers, today announced their Top 10 Eco-Lifestyle selections for 2007. This first annual award recognizes the most innovative products drawn from Pure Zing’s review of over 900 products in the categories of natural food, “green home” and other natural products.

“We review countless products, looking for the purest ingredients, highest performance and one-of-a-kind technologies,” noted Pure Zing co-founder and lead reviewer, Page Remick. “Many of the products we feature are grown and bottled on small farms, others are produced by ‘eco-preneurs’: dedicated and creative mother/daughter teams, single mothers and couples. We strive to find the most healthy, unique products so consumers can make sound purchasing decisions.”

“I live in the middle of nowhere,” said frequent Pure Zing Customer, Paula Steward of Wyoming . “ With Pure Zing, I now have the most luxurious, natural, organic but unique products delivered right to my door.”

The 2007 Top-10 Eco-Lifestyle Products are listed below. (More complete descriptions are available at http://www.purezing.com/top10/directory.html

American BlueGreen’s Original Himalayan Crystal Salt™ Stones, hand-mined from a 250 million-year-old ocean at the base of the Himalayan mountains, this salt contains 84 essential bio-available nutrients and can be used for therapeutic bathing and/or culinary use.

Distributed by Clotho Corporation, Haddrells’ of Cambridge Honey Cream with UMF® 16+. Harvested from the honey of bees interacting with New Zealand 's Leptospermum bushes, the honey in this moisturizer is 30 times more effective against gram positive bacteria than Australian Tea Tree oil.

Dr. John Farley's SleepSlim™ Weight Loss Program, an audio program using sports psychology's mental imagery techniques to reprogram metabolism.

Glycemic Level’s SweetSource™, a 100% natural, vegetarian and kosher high-fiber sweetener (no Stevia herb, Sucralose or Aspartame), this product also aids intestinal mineral absorption and immune function.                                                                           

HeartMath ® LLC’s emWave Personal Stress Reliever® is a hand-held interactive mobile technology to transform stress. Based on 15 years of research, the product and HeartMath system are being utilized by NASA, BP, Kaiser Permanente and other organizations.

Java Juice’s Java Juice ® Extract. 100% organic, kosher and sustainably harvested, this unique organic liquid coffee uses nitrogen flush packaging to maintain freshness of its high quality Arabica bean extract and can be carried anywhere in its non-crushable packet.

Kabana Skin Care’s Green Screen®, with an SPF rating of 15. This mineral-based sunscreen contrasts with mass-marketed sunscreens using petrochemical ingredients and is designed to reproduce skin biochemistry.                      

Monavé Mineral Cosmetics' Vegan Lip Glaze is a line of vegan color washes, with a naturally formulated, high-shine effect. It is one of very few lip glazes which avoids using the crushed carmine beetle for red coloring.

Sensory Perspectives’ Personal ElectroSmog (EMF) Detector, a hand-held device which detects EMF associated with cordless phones, mobile/cellular phones and wireless networks, increasing awareness of this invisible form of radiation.

Tzu Thé’s T-Bar™ Green Tea Nutrition Bar. Based on the ground-breaking work of Dr. Shutsung Liao, “The Father of ECGC”. this vegan-friendly bar is cold-pressed to optimize enzyme activity and contains anti-oxidant rich loose leaf Green Tea and Brewer's Yeast.                                      

About Pure Zing

Founded in Spring 2006, Pure Zing has become a leading consumer-driven Web directory reviewing health-related and environmentally-friendly eco-chic products. Headquartered in St. Augustine , FL , Pure Zing only reviews natural food and skin-care products that are free of chemicals, toxins, artificiality and preservatives, as well as home and health products which are in the best interests of humans, animals and the planet. For more information, please visit www.purezing.com.

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