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Balance Skin Care Set – Try Me Size!
Balance Skin Care Set – Try Me Size!
Eve Organics

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This is a Zingy idea: try me sizes of the three things women use most so that you can find out if you like it, take it with you in your purse or overnight bag, tuck it in your office desk drawer, or actually take it on a plane!

Most cleansers, toners and moisturizers come in big sizes and that’s fine as long as you know that you love the product, have bottles and jars to put smaller amounts in for traveling and don’t want to use your product in other locations. So, these ‘try me’ sizes are just the answer for women who want to try something new and want the same mobility for their skin care products as they have for themselves.

The ingredients in this trio of products are 89 - 98% organic and each one is formulated to balance your skin’s hormones, reduce oxidative stress and aid your skin in regenerating new cells for a fresh appearance. Each product is light, fast absorbing with minimum oil and delightful fragrances.

The 92% organic ingredients of the Rejuv Skin Repair Cleanser are aloe vera juice, organic olive oil, organic rooibos tea extract, emulsifying wax NF, kosher vegetable glycerin, MSN, DMAE, organic green tea extract, organic white tea extract, vitamin E, xanthum gum, vitamin C ester, vitamin B5, vitamin A, rosemary, neem oil and essential oils. The consistency is creamy without being heavy and rinses from your face without leaving any greasy feel. This is a very gentle cleanser, so anyone with sensitive skin need not worry about your skin being red, stripped or feeling itchy.

The 98% organic ingredients of the Clear and Fresh Moisturizing Toner are aloe vera, organic aloe leaf juice, witch hazel distillate, rose distillate, black willow bark extract, polysorbate, tea tree essential oil and citric acid. With a spritz top, this is the perfect toner to pull out of your purse and refresh your face any time of the day! Of course, this is the perfect spritz to use right after cleansing and right before moisturizing and it feels as good going on as your face feels after using it.

The 89% organic ingredients of the Quantum Quencher Facial Moisturizer are aloe vera, organic aloe vera juice, coconut oil, organic rooibos tea extract, emulsifying wax NF, kosher vegetable glycerin, organic olive oil, palm stearic acid, organic jojoba oil, avocado oil, witch hazel, vitamin E, xanthum gum, black willow bark extract, rosemary, neem oil and therapeutic grade essential oils. Everyone on our team loves the fragrance of this moisturizer (all natural essential oils!) and the fact that this product soaks in right away without leaving any greasy feel behind. Your face feels soft and soothed…and looks smooth and calm: a plus for any skin type but especially wonderful for sensitive skin types.

Of course all three of these products are available in full sizes, but once you have determined that this line is perfect for your skin, that it makes it softer, younger looking and smoother, then be sure and keep these containers: they hold one month’s supply and are perfect for tucking in your purse or briefcase for a quick pick me up before an evening date, or for a refreshing spritz on hot day, or an extra dab of moisture on a cold day.

Good things do come in little packages, and this ‘Balance’ line is one of them! Cleanser, toner and moisturizer, this is the perfect trio to ‘try’ - and to be on the go with. We think they’re Pure Zing! If you’re looking for a new, all natural skin care line, then ‘try’ this trio!

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