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Face Moisturizers & Lotions

Balance Skin Care Set – Try Me Size!  

Eve Organics Balance Skin Care Set – Try Me Size!
The ingredients in this trio of products are 89 - 98% organic and each one is formulated to balance your skin’s hormones, reduce oxidative stress and aid your skin in regenerating new cells for a fresh appearance. Read more...

Organic Moisture Mist  

Lily Organics Organic Moisture Mist
Without creams or oils, we could see a smoothness and softness after using this light but highly effective mist. It was as if we had used a moisturizer…but not any kind of moisturizer that we were familiar with. Read more...

Damask Rose Facial Crème  

Eden’s Kiss Damask Rose Facial Crème
Vitamin and mineral-rich, antioxidant drenched, the ingredients are soooooo healthy and nourishing. Wow! Does this product contain the best of the best! Read more...

Anti-Aging Night Facial Elixir  

Eden’s Kiss Anti-Aging Night Facial Elixir
Did we notice a difference? Yes! Does our team love this elixir? YES! We love that it is a clear, golden oil without a lot of fluff or hype. We like the all natural ingredients that REALLY work. Read more...

Anti-Aging Day Facial Elixir  

Eden’s Kiss Anti-Aging Day Facial Elixir
If you like no-nonsense, get right to the problem results with high quality ingredients that repair and nourish deeply, then give this simple, but simply wonderful elixir a try. Read more...

Wrinkles Essential Oil Blend-Path to Perfect Health  

Path to Perfect Health Wrinkles Essential Oil Blend
This blend brings the nutrients and oxygen that healthy skin needs right to the outer layer of your skin cells and blood vessels which allow your skin to rejuvenate quickly. Read more...

Miracle ll Neutralizer Gel  

Miracle Soap Miracle ll Neutralizer Gel
This non-oily, non-staining gel is thick in the palm of your hand, but disappears like water when applied! No sting, no fragrance and absolutely no residue after application. Read more...

Wrinkle Warrior  

Wendy the Herbalist Wrinkle Warrior
Elbows were no longer rough, cuticles suddenly looked moist and healthy, crepey skin looked young and fresh, little crow’s feet just seemed to disappear, and cracked feet felt better and healed faster. Wow! Read more...

Expectantly Lovely Face Crème  

Garden of Eve Skincare Expectantly Lovely Face Crème
An even better selling point of this chemical-free product is this: not only does it provide effective care for all skin types, even outbreak-prone skin; it is also safe for expectant mothers. Read more...

WOW! Face Crème  

Garden of Eve Skincare WOW! Face Crème
Well, this light, whipped crème imparts that same just washed moist look that baby skin has! Read more...

Wise Woman Emollient  

Garden of Eve Skincare Wise Woman Emollient
We’re impressed and noticed a distinct absence of oiliness or heaviness: our skin feels like it can breathe! A moisturizer that isn’t heavy…and still works! Read more...

Clearly Lovely Crème  

Garden of Eve Skincare Clearly Lovely Crème
No heavy oils, no clogging and irritating chemicals…just beneficial ingredients that will keep your skin soft at the same time that it keeps it clear and lovely. Read more...

Lluvia Deep Nourishing Oil  

Amazon Super Foods Lluvia Deep Nourishing Oil
Nighttime is the perfect time for deep nourishment as your skin repairs itself. Feed it the ingredients that will aid in your skin rejuvenation: give it this deep nourishing oil and wake up with fresh-looking, moist skin! Read more...

Lluvia Replenishing Moisture  

Amazon Super Foods Lluvia Replenishing Moisture
The fragrance and feel of this product are very different, but amaZing: complements of ingredients that most of us have never heard of before… and never experienced, until now. Read more...

Lluvia Camu C Serum  

Amazon Super Foods Lluvia Camu C Serum
A tropical rainforest plant, Camu Camu has a super concentrated source of naturally-occurring vitamin C which is a well-known antioxidant, free radical scavenger and promoter of collagen formation. Read more...

Rose Hip Oil Facial Serum  

Khushispa Rose Hip Oil Facial Serum
You know that fresh glow that baby skin has? Well, that’s what is in this little dropper bottle! Use it religiously and you will notice that you skin not only is moister and smoother, but that it looks it! Read more...


Von Natur Soothing Rose Facial Gel 
Just like the rosewater that our grandmothers used, this is classic and simple. The easy to apply gel soaks in and then disappears. Read more...


E.A.R.T.H. Products Rage Against the Wrinkle 
We all agree, our skin looks younger, moister, smoother and fresher after we have used this oil. Read more...


Natural Family Botanicals Evening Primrose Rejuvenating Facial Cream 
Evening primrose, emu oil & shea butter combine to create a cream effective for healing difficult skin problems and creating healthy skin. Read more...


Osea Advanced Protection Cream 
This intense moisturizer is a perfect example of rich, effective high-tech natural ingredients that make a difference in the texture, tone and appearance of your skin. Read more...


Osea Atmospheric Protection 
Leaves a protective film on your skin that acts like a barrier to the drying or toxic elements of weather or pollution. Read more...


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