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Anti-Aging Night Facial Elixir
Anti-Aging Night Facial Elixir
Eden’s Kiss

If you read our other review of the Day Facial Elixir you will know that we loved every drop and ingredient of it. Well, if it’s possible, this Night Elixir is even more deeply nourishing than its daylight version…and so it should be as your skin does most of its repair work at night. You would be hard pressed to find such a deeply rejuvenating product as this high quality oil blend.

The oils are certified organic extra virgin olive oil, evening primrose oil, carrot oil, rose geranium oil, palmarosa oil, lemon oil, sandalwood oil, immortelle oil and vitamin E. Why are these particular oils chosen for a night elixir? Because they are the most intensive skin nourishing and repairing natural oils known!

Here are just a few words to describe the attributes of these oils: essential fatty acids; balance skin moisture; promotes circulation; heals scars, soothing, lubricating, strongest anti-inflammatory; antiseptic; encourages skin renewal; cell regenerator. We didn’t use all the words to describe all the oils, but you can get a clear picture that these oils can and will really do the job of revitalizing your skin during the night.

Did we notice a difference? Yes! Does our team love this elixir? YES! We love that it is a clear, golden oil without a lot of fluff or hype. We like the all natural ingredients that REALLY work. We like that it is simple to apply: two drops rubbed between your palms and gently rubbed or pressed into your skin, and we love the rich, clean fragrance.

This night elixir comes in a 1-ounce pump top bottle. It soaks in and goes to work immediately. Your skin actually looks better in the morning: less dry with fewer discernible lines. Sound too good to be true? Give it a try yourself. We think you’ll be as impressed as we are. This product is rich and intensive, and yet simple and natural. That’s Pure Zing!


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