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Clearly Lovely Crème
Expectantly Lovely Face Crème
Garden of Eve Skincare

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I know when I was with child, I avoided using anything that contained chemicals, for two reasons: 1) I didn’t want to expose my growing miracle to those chemicals; and 2) I could smell better than a bloodhound during my pregnancy, and chemical smells invited more episodes of morning sickness than I care to remember. An even better selling point of this chemical-free product is this: not only does it provide effective care for all skin types, even outbreak-prone skin; it is also safe for expectant mothers.

The gentle but effective ingredients are Distilled Water, Certified Organic Coconut oil, plant emulsifying wax, Organic or Wild crafted essential oils and extracts of Sandalwood, Lavender, Rosewood, Neroli, Calendula and Seabuckthornberry. The fresh fragrance is light and wild, like I'm sitting in the middle of a field of wild-growing plants and not sneezing! Incredible!

Garden of Eve Expectantly Lovely Face Crème (1.3 ounces per jar) is a thick yet lightweight crème that tends to absorb rapidly. I never had an issue with this crème making my face appear overly oily, which is good…especially when one lives in a very humid location. I have normal skin, and this crème really did wonders for every area of my face.

Pregnant or not, sensitive, dry, oily or normal skin…rejoice! This Lovely Face Crème gives you Purely lovely results: skin that is moisturized without chemicals or a heavy greasy residue, and an assurance that you are treating your body (and any growing baby) with the utmost respect by only using Pure and natural ingredients.

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