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Lluvia Botanical Facial Cleanser
Eve’s Mud Party
Garden of Eve Skincare

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Our whole team agreed this is really like a mud party! What’s a mud party? It’s where you sit on the ground and make mud pies and create fantastical concoctions out of mud…and get it all over you!

Yes, it’s not only fun when you’re a kid, but now you can repeat the fun of yesteryear (without having to sit in a mud puddle!) and reap huge skin benefits! Slather this sterilized Dead Sea mud on your face, neck, décolleté, body… and let it dry…then wash it off and notice the tingle and glow!

Mud PULLS toxins from the skin and body while it also heals, soothes and increases circulation…and Dead Sea Mud is incredible as the Dead Sea is FILLED with beneficial minerals that your body and skin crave and need to look their best.

Expensive salons use mud facials, masks and wraps to deep clean, stimulate and purify skin. Now you can too! Cleanse your skin and leaving just a hint of water on it, slather this mud wherever you want to deep clean and detoxify your skin. You might feel warmth or even a tingle from the Dead Sea salt minerals…but know that your skin is going ‘Oh YES!’…..

In a wide mouth 7-ounce plastic jar, you have plenty of mud to use all over you: just like a mud party! We suggest that if you are going to do a full body mud party that you stand in the bathtub or shower and do your slathering there. Listen to music…hum, sip a lovely beverage…but give the mud time to dry and do its magic! Then, turn on the shower, rinse the mud from your body and emerge tingling. Pat dry and apply a wonderful moisturizer…and hopefully jump in bed with your feet up and a sleep mask and drift off (just like in an expensive spa!).

Don’t go through life without slathering mud on your face, neck and body. Have your own mud party and see the difference in your skin!

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