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Organic Moisture Mist
Organic Moisture Mist
Lily Organics

We can’t begin to tell you how impressed we are with the entire concept of Lily Organics. First, every ingredient is organic. Second, almost every ingredient is grown on the Lily Organic farm in Colorado. Then, each product is made fresh every week by hand, and to finish it off, there are absolutely, positively NO synthetics or chemicals…not even plastic containers are allowed! Can your facial care line boast all of that?

Our team has been privileged to try the Organic Moisture Mist. The ingredients that are chosen for this mist are incredible: purified water, certified organic comfrey, seaweeds, lily, certified organic chamomile, certified organic calendula, kosher vegetable glycerin, essential oils of ylang ylang and lavender as well as citrus seed extract. Each ingredient is carefully chosen to fulfill a skin need: to keep your skin healthy, soothe, heal, aid in cell duplication and regeneration, hydrate, reduce inflammation, relieve pain and reduce wrinkles.

Is this a toner or a moisturizer? Actually, it’s both! Use as a toner after cleansing and moisturizing, and use throughout the day as a moisturizing and hydrating mist that keeps your skin supple and nourished in dry, humid, air conditioned rooms or hot or cold weather. The fragrance is sweet, fresh and just slightly medicinal (which the men especially loved!), while the feel is soothing and soft. Literally, when any of us use this mist, our skin feels softer and even more pliant and supple.

Whether it was man or woman, we each noticed a discernible difference in our skin. Without creams or oils, we could see a smoothness and softness after using this light but highly effective mist. It was as if we had used a moisturizer…but not any kind of moisturizer that we were familiar with.

No matter your skin type – sensitive, dry, normal or oily, this mist is formulated to bring out the best quality of your skin. Men use it after shaving, anyone can use it after sun exposure, and all can use it daily; all day long. Get the larger 3.4-ounce bottle and keep it close by. Once you start using this mist, you’ll want to keep using it, over and over – it makes your skin feel soooo good! More than a toner, and not just a moisturizer, this Organic Moisture Mist is Pure Zing!


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