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Lluvia Deep Nourishing Oil
Lluvia Deep Nourishing Oil
Amazon Super Foods


This is just as the name says: a deep and very nourishing oil that lubricates and restores elasticity to dry, aging or stressed skin. This is not a cream or lotion, but an almost orange, clear oil that is super light… with a faint spicy-sweet aroma.

The oil applies to your face as an orange oil…and slowly, you see the orange color disappear as it absorbes into your skin before your eyes! Although this is an oil, it is very light and absorbs readily, without leaving a heavy, oily residue behind. Your skin can easily breathe and your pores will absolutely not clog with this oil!

This 1.5-ounce pump-top bottle contains Rosehip Seed Oil, Castanha do Brasil Oil (Brazil Nut), Maracuja Oil (Passion Flower), Mauritia Fruit Oil (Buriti), Andiroba Seed Oil, Mango Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Squalane, herbal infusions of Sangre de Drago, Samambaia, Uña de Gato, Camu Camu, Suma, Espinheira Santa, Horsetail plus Vitamin E and 100% essential oils of Elimi, Sandalwood, Vetiver, Benzoin, Melissa and Frangi Pangi (Plumeria).

A little of this oil goes a long way! We had used too much, and so we each ended up applying the excess to our necks, arms, elbows and the back of our hands. Each one of us has glowing, radiant looking, moist and smooth-looking skin though! A few drops are all you need as this oil, although light as air… is concentrated.

If you have time in the morning for this oil to absorb before needing to put on your makeup, this oil can be used in the morning. Otherwise, if you are always in a rush and can’t wait for this oil to absorb, apply this oil at night. Nighttime is the perfect time for deep nourishment as ‘beauty sleep’ hours are the time when your skin repairs itself. Feed it the ingredients that will aid in your skin rejuvenation: give it this deep nourishing oil and wake up with fresh-looking, moist skin!


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