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Lluvia Botanical Facial Cleanser
Facial Cleanse or Mask
Garden of Eve Skincare

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What a great product! This is a gentle but effective daily cleanser as well as a deep cleaning, but gentle weekly mask! A 1.3-ounce or 2-ounce jar is filled with a light, fine powder that you either add toner or water to.

At first you wonder if it will be easy....and then you realize that it’s not only easy but soft, refreshing and creamy! Moisten your face. Spread a small amount of the powder on one hand, and then wetting your free hand once more, rub your hands together.

A creamy mask is created that you spread and wash all over your face and neck. The sensation is smooth, gentle and yet definitely cleansing. Easily wash it off or leave this product on till it dries: instead of a daily cleanser, it then becomes a more deep cleaning mask. As you rinse you realize that there are subtle and soothing ingredients in this powder as there is a moist feeling left to your face rather than the dryness and tightness some masks can leave behind.

The ingredients are not harsh but impart moisture and cleansing qualities: a blend of Bentonite clays, organic Irish moss sea weed and oats. The clay cleanses deeply but gently, the seaweed adds much needed minerals to the skin while the oats soothe any skin stresses.

We liked that this is a dual purpose product. What a great cleanser to take on a trip or tuck in a backpack! All you need is water…but if you want to increase the benefits, mix the powder with a great toner like the hydrosol toner that is in this line…and see your face look clean, glowy and naturally moisturized.

Both the men and women on our team liked the versatility of this product and the fact that our skin felt soft rather than dry. It was easy to use, and really gave clean but soothingly soft results! Wow! That’s Pure Zing, isn’t it?

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