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Osea Sea Cleansing Milk

Osea Sea Cleansing Milk


If your skin is extremely sensitive, or if you have Rosacea, this is a calming facial cleanser filled with marine-based and high tech extractions of natural ingredients known for hydrating and soothing delicate skin.

DHPH is a high tech combination that is a marvel in both the synthesis of collagen sub-units and in the three-dimensional folding of collagen fibers. With its long lasting moisturizing and firming action, DPHP delays the appearance of wrinkles by protecting the fibers of the dermis.

Cassie Flower Wax contains high levels of carotenoids and Vitamin E and is both a strong scavenger of free radicals and a powerful antioxidant.

Water Lilly extract has exceptional calming and hydrating properties for the skin as its pH is close to your skin’s pH. Water Lilly extract restores the skin’s hydrolipid film by rebuilding it and also effectively protects DNA in the case of extreme sun exposure. Because of its free radical scavenging action, this incredible extract combats accelerated aging.

Added to this cleansing milk’s three unique ingredients are algae extract known for it rich vitamin and mineral content, a high tech extract from olives called Sorbitan Olivate which protects the skin from UV rays, witch hazel extract, rose flower essential wax, chamomilla flower extract and Carrageenan. These ingredients are 100% natural and highly effective at soothing, protecting and restoring your delicate skin to calmness.

Although this product is milky and rich, it is not greasy or heavy. It rinses easily from your skin and leaves a dewy finish that is soft to the touch. There is no redness, tightness or dryness as the pH of this product is the same as your skin.

Several team members have very sensitive skin and they were amazed and pleased at how well their skin looked and reacted after using this product for two weeks. Redness was gone. Dry and flaky skin was tamed. Ruddiness was vastly reduced. Skin looked and felt normal. If you have tried other sensitive skin cleansers and have still not been impressed or seen the results that you dream of, this one just might be it. Used in top spas, this marine-based product might be just the soother that your skin has always been looking for.

Available in a 6-ounce frosted glass, pump top bottle as well as a 1-ounce travel size, your skin never needs to be subjected to harsh cleansers anymore.

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