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Solay Detox Face Mask

Solay Daily Detox Gentle Face Scrub
Solay Wellness

We love this product! We love the ingredients, the texture and boy do we love how it works! Just about every one of us at one time or another…some more often unfortunately!….get ‘grubbies’ on our faces. What’s a grubby? Run your finger over your nose, your chin, on your forehead. Feel those big and little bumpies? Well, those bumpies are what we call grubbies!

This product gets rid of the grubbies! Yeah! The Bentonite Clay pulls the toxins, the gentle organic Jojoba beads roll off the bumps and dry skin and the Solay concentrate that moistens the clay replenishes your skin with minerals, moisture and healing properties.

Grubbies appear after a long day in the city: it’s the smog and soot mixing with your skin oils...and the results are definitely grubby! Grubbies also appear on a hot day when your oil glands are producing more oil that mixes with your sweat and the dirt from your hands or the air. Oh yeah….those are grubbies! No matter how you get them…you want to get rid of them!

Get those grubbies gone with this powerful yet gentle exfoliant. The mud is a powerful dirt and toxin puller while the jojoba beads gently (but thoroughly!!) entice and cajole those bumpies out of your skin…and down the drain!

Oh the relief of being grubby and bumpy-free! Your skin feels like velvet, your pores are breathing and sighing with pleasure, and your skin is glowing and clear. THIS is a great exfoliant. Go get those grubbies and wash them down the drain often with this marvelous 4-ounce jar of grubby-getter! Everyone (and I mean everyone!) on our team just LOVES this product! It’s not just Zingy, it’s Purely Grubby-Getting Zingy!


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