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Anti-Wrinkle Shea Butter Eye Cream Anti-Wrinkle Shea Butter Eye Cream


Whipped! Want to whip the fine lines around your eyes? Then grab this whipped and light-as-air eye cream by Jenulence! This is not oil that will stay greasy, drip or drag your eye area down. This is not a thick, chemical-laden cream that costs a fortune and comes in a jar the size of your pinky fingernail. This super light, but super EFFECTIVE whipped eye confection absorbs easily, goes on effortlessly, feels divine and works!

In a generous 1-ounce jar, all you need is the lightest touch of your finger to this airy cream, and the entire eye area of both eyes is nourished. This jar will last and last, even if you use it both day and night…day after day, night after night.

Everyone that tried this whipped cream got hooked on it. Seriously, it feels so good, smells great, absorbs and makes the wrinkles around your eyes soften and even disappear. We could apply it … and within minutes be putting makeup on without the makeup getting sticky or smearing.

The ingredients are pure and clean: Rose Otto hydrosol, distilled water, sweet almond oil, organic rosehip seed oil, organic virgin coconut oil, evening primrose oil, organic African Shea butter, hazelnut oil, organic golden jojoba oil, kosher vegetable glycerin, sun-bleached beeswax, sodium borate, food grade caffeine, vitamin C-Ester, DMAE, xanthum gum, essential oils of carrot seed, lavender, geranium rose, chamomile and rose Otto.

The caffeine tightens your skin, the glycerin retains moisture, and DMAE, vitamin C-Ester, natural vitamin E and essential oils firm and reduce puffiness and help your eye area to detoxify. Bags are just a little less baggy. Dark circles are just a little lighter. Wrinkles are just a little less wrinkly and all with just a dab of this super light but effective eye cream.

Should you try this? We can’t recommend it highly enough! It’s lovely, it works, its clean and super light and we hope that we are never without it. This is a keeper.


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