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Gardeners Intensive Therapy Hand Cream
Gardeners Intensive Therapy Hand Cream
with Shea Butter by Upper Canada Soap, 5oz tube

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TOTAL ADDICTION. Leaves dewy moisturized skin without greasy feel. Wrinkles and creepy skin vanish almost instantly. Skin stays soft and supple for hours, AMAZING CLEAN SCENT. Can use it on all parts of the body. Passes "finger snapping" test.

Hand creams are a dime a dozen, which is one reason why so many people ignore them. Yet besides your face, your hands are the first things you use and people see. You are using your hands constantly washing dishes, shaking hands, picking up phones, typing on a keyboard. Heck if you are like me, you even talk with them and wave them around. Your hands and are also one of the first places to show the ravages of time and your age.

So, when one of our reviewers was given a tube of the Herbal Mint, Gardeners Intensive Therapy Hand Cream with Shea Butter by Upper Canada Soap as a gift and came in raving about it, well, we had to check this out.

For most parts, everything about Gardeners Intensive Therapy Hand Cream is top rate. From the therapeutical semi medicinal look of the silver 5 oz. tube to the minute you squeeze out the thick, dense, creamiest of creams you know there is something special about this hand cream. Which, by the way, we applied all over our entire body: hands, arms, feet, legs, and chest. It is that good. And let us not forget the scent. Herbal Mint is a blend of fresh balsam leaves and greens with mint and a hint of sage to create a lush and herbaceous scent. Nothing heavy or cloying. Clean, calming and fresh. In fact, a few of the ladies at PureZing have stopped wearing fragrance because they prefer the clean scent of the cream. I myself constantly get compliments upon the fragrance when I use the hand cream.

From the first application we all saw how quickly the cream absorbed into our skin. We were all pretty amazed at the immediate difference in the appearance and feel of our skin: younger, smoother, firmer, even a different skin tone, texture and color. No slick greasy look or finish left on the skins surface. No worries about getting cream or grease on clothing. One of the best parts is that the hydration is long lasting.

So, if you are a gardener, do a lot of housework, live in cold weather, work with your hands, or just want younger looking hands and skin, Upper Canada Soap Gardeners Intensive hand cream is a winner!

Key ingredients: are organic Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Sweet Almond Oil along with Sunflower Oil, cucumber, chamomile and sea kelp.


Rich, dense creamy formula. NON GREASY. After application, you can still snap your fingers—the true test for any hand or body cream for greasiness. Contains 100% Organic Shea Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil and Aloe Vera have wonderful softening properties. You get a good dose of your EFA’s (essential fatty acids) along with the hydrating and soothing of the aloe vera.

Affordable: price point from $10.00


The formulation is not 100% organic and some of the actives are not nature based. Contains preservatives Phenoxyethanol, Propelyene Glycol, BHT. These ingredients are far down on the ingredient deck, which means the concentration is the least of all ingredients used.

Where to Buy:

Multiple websites including www.amazon.com, www.uppercanadasoap.com, www.vine.com.

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