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All Natural Hair Care

All Natural Hair CareIn this category you can find a fantastic range of products to leave you with beautiful hair - naturally!

We have included Organic and Natural Hair Products, Probiotic Shampoos, Chemical Free Shampoos and Nutrient-Rich Conditioners. These chemical-free products will clean, condition, and style your hair gently without overdrying or irritating your scalp.

You can also browse for Styling Products specifically formulated for Curly Hair as well as fantastic leave-in conditioners to heal dry and damaged hair.

Latest Products
Solay Shine Organic Green Tea Natural Shampoo
Solay Wellness Solay Shine Organic Green Tea Natural Shampoo Really, the ingredients are marvelous for any type of hair, but if you have been suffering from itching or flaking definitely give this soothing shampoo a try as it works! Read more...
UV Protection Shower Gel and Shampoo
Kabana Skin Care UV Protection Shower Gel and Shampoo This is a fragrant, rich, gentle but effective liquid shower soap, which super cleans your hair while it leaves a UV protectant on your skin and scalp. Read more...
Miracle ll Neutralizer Gel

Miracle Soap Miracle ll Neutralizer Gel This non-oily, non-staining gel is thick in the palm of your hand, but disappears like water when applied! No sting, no fragrance and absolutely no residue after application. Read more...

Top Products

1. Jane Carter Solutions Nourish and Shine This really does meet its claim of shining hair, feeding scalps, moisturizing all kinds of hair types as well as skin. Read more...

2. Jane Carter Solutions Moisture Nourishing Shampoo This shampoo will soften, shine, moisture and thoroughly clean your hair, no matter what type or texture. Read more...

3. Natural Kiosk Natural Shampoo for Treated and Highlighted Hair One of the Pure Zing team members colors her hair and she loved the results that she got with this shampoo. Read more...

4. Maxx Collection Maxximizing Shampoo Nourishing for hair, cleans sebum from the roots so they get nutrients and oxygen, but without nasty hair-loss causing ingredients. Read more...

5. Natural Kiosk Natural Nourishing Conditioner for Dry and Brittle Hair Vitamin B3 is a vasodilator which opens the pores in your scalp so that oxygen and nutrients can reach the hair bulbs. Read more...

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