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Stress Essential Oil Blend – Path to Perfect Health
Stress Essential Oil Blend
Path to Perfect Health

Stressed? Just about every one of us is these days! If we read the newspaper, watch TV, drive in traffic, have kids, are affected by the economy, have a boss, clients or customers, have deadlines, travel or have too much to do or schedule – we are stressed.

Want to pop the latest synthetic chemical pill that will chill you out and have a list of side effects in size 2 font that are too gruesome to mention? Or, would you rather relax and calm yourself with something natural that is applied externally but works synergistically with your own body? If you are reading Pure Zing…we think we know the answer!

Use this oil blend as a soothing daily perfume or after shave. We mixed 5-6 drops of the blend in a small covered container with coconut oil, Miracle ll Lotion and some Miracle ll Gel and use it on our wrists and hands, neck and cheeks. The light oils are moisturizing while the essential oils keep us calm under pressure. The fragrance is slightly spicy and smooth, and just about all anyone else can detect is a fresh fragrance emanating from around you.

The 15 ml bottle has a blend of four natural essential oils: Vetiver, Orange, Ylang Ylang and Lavender. Each one singly has a soothing fragrance, but blended together it has soothing and de-stressing results.

Vetiver is grounding, calming, and a sedative to the nervous system, resulting in reduced anxiety and stress. Orange brings happiness and peace to your mind and body while Ylang Ylang is a sedative to the nervous system, euphoric to depressed emotions and yet calming and relaxing. Lavender is well known as an antidepressant and for easing tension. Just reading about these calming properties makes us relax..or is it our new ‘perfume’ called ‘Stress’?

If you don’t want to apply it as a perfume, a few drops can be added to an aromatherapy diffuser, or you can rub it on your body after it has been mixed with Miracle ll Gel…and then soak in a warm bath. No matter how you use it, use it and de-stress. Totally natural, and much nicer than popping toxic chill pills, this fragrant essential oil blend is just what all of us need when the going gets going too fast and furiously! Stress? Yes please…as long as it’s the essential oil blend!

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