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Healing & Soothing Oil Blends

Healing & Soothing Oil BlendsOnly high quality essential oils provide the dose of "therapy" in "aromatherapy" -- for that reason we have only selected truly high quality essential oils.

We have divided our Essential Oils and Oil Blends into three different categories to help you find the one appropriate for your needs. Whether you are looking for healing, soothing, or sleep aids, we're sure you will find something that will help.

For oils to enhance the fragrance of your home, please click here.

Latest Products
Mega Headache Essential Oil Blend

Nature's Inventory Mega Headache Essential Oil Blend In 3-5 minutes, we each have felt this blend ease the tension in our necks and heads…allowing the headache to abate and go away. Read more...

Joint Support Essential Oil Blend

Nature's Inventory Joint Support Essential Oil Blend Rub this blend right into the area that hurts. You might feel gentle warmth in your tissues. The pain can subside in just a few minutes. Read more...

Calming Oil

Nature's Inventory Calm Essential Oil Blend All natural essential oils that take that edgy-stressed feel away and leave you with a calmer and slightly more serene demeanor. Read more...

Pain Essential Oil Blend

Path to Perfect Health Pain Essential Oil Blend Aaahh! Sweet and natural relief! You have soothed the savage beast of pain and all without synthetic chemicals and drugs. Read more...

Alignment Cold & Flu Essential Oil

Path to Perfect Health Alignment Cold & Flu Essential Oil Rather than masking symptoms, this blend literally helps your body to heal itself naturally. Read more...

Path to Perfect Health Stress Essential Oil Blend Path to Perfect Health Stress Essential Oil Blend A blend of four natural essential oils: Vetiver, Orange, Ylang Ylang and Lavender. Each one singly has a soothing fragrance, but blended together it has soothing and de-stressing results. Read more...
Wrinkles Essential Oil Blend-Path to Perfect Health Path to Perfect Health Wrinkles Essential Oil Blend This blend brings the nutrients and oxygen that healthy skin needs right to the outer layer of your skin cells and blood vessels which allow your skin to rejuvenate quickly. Read more...

Top Products

1. Nature's Inventory Night Time Leg Calm Oil This IS an amazing oil for it stops the ache and jumpiness completely, allowing people a sound sleep all night. Read more...

2. Nature's Inventory Emotional Balance The fragrance is soothing in itself, but in time, and our testers reported feeling more calm, less upset, and not so ‘tight’ or distraught. Read more...

3. Nature's Inventory Blood Pressure Oil Each essence contributes to a certain reaction or benefit in your body, and results can often be felt or tested within minutes. Read more...

4. Nature's Inventory Sleep Aid The essences are absorbed by your skin and go into your bloodstream where they lull you to sleep naturally. Read more...

5. Nature's Inventory Tummy Troubles Oil Combined with massage this contains olive oil and grapefruit seed to heal and calm from within. Read more...

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