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The Fragrant Home

The Fragrant HomeCreate an atmosphere of romance, or bring in the freshness of the outdoors with these fantastic aromatic sprays and naturally scented candles!

With just a hint of fragrance you can transform the mood of any of your indoor spaces. These candles and scents are perfect gifts for a new home, for your friends, or for yourself!

Latest Products
Organza Wrap Soy Candle Gift Sets

Pure Integrity Soy Candles Organza Wrap Soy Candle Gift Sets A gorgeous and dramatic presentation… unbelievably aromatic candles… this gift idea is Pure Zing! Read more...

Sandalwood Amber Soy Tealight Candles Pure Integrity Soy Candles Sandalwood Amber Soy Tealight Candles A sophisticated and sensual fragrance that speaks of candlelight, champagne, silk and soft music. If you want allure and romance, this will set the stage for you! Read more...
Fruit Slices Soy Melts Pure Integrity Soy Candles Fruit Slices Soy Melts Break off a square of this aromatic soy wax, pop it into a warming vessel and enjoy the clean, fresh and yet warm and homey scent that emanates. Read more...

Top Products

1. Good Clean Love Caribbean Rose Passion Candle Whether you use it for personal fragrancing of your skin, for illumination or massaging of a loved one, we think that this is Pure Zing! Read more...

2. Plant Life Bergamot and Lime Travel Tin Candle Lime mixed with the spicy fragrance of bergamot is known to relieve stress and combat depression. Read more...

3. Dancing Dingo Botanical Dreams Eye Pillow The weight of the flaxseeds and lavender buds is perfect for relaxing the tiny muscles around your eyes and the fragrance creates the perfect environment in which to just let go! Read more...

4. Pure Integrity Soy Candles 10 Ounce Chai Latte Soy Candle The burn time of this 10-ounce candle is 45 hours: enough for a weekend at the cabin, enough for a whole weeks worth of evening relaxation, enough for more than a month of lunch breaks in your office! Read more...

5. Pure Integrity Soy Candles 16 Ounce Vanilla Soy Candle The 16-ounce size of candle with 75 hours of burn time is perfect for larger spaces: this super attractive and popular scent will easily float to other rooms…and fill large open spaces. Read more...

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