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Caribbean Rose Passion Candle
Good Clean Love


The fragrance of this candle is based on Rose-Geranium and Rose-Maroc, but also contains Frankincense and Vetiver essential oils. The scent is low, not too sweet, and almost earthy. The other ingredients are soybean oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, apricot oil, and vitamin E.

As you can see from the ingredients, you can burn this candle for gentle and fragrant illumination, for scenting your own skin, or you can use it as a warm massage oil. As our team had tested other candle oils that claimed to be massage oils, we were interested in how the oils in this candle felt when they were poured into the palms of our hands.

Rather than turning back into a hard candle wax that we had to pick off our skin when cool, this oil stayed oily and spreadable. The feeling of the oil is thicker than regular massage oil, but it is also more fragrant. The glide is long lasting and smooth, and washes off easily leaving an ever so soft scent on our hands.

If you touch the candle you will find that it is like very firm body butter. It gives under pressure and just the heat of your finger is enough to gently melt it, giving you enough to rub on the back of your hand or around your neck for fragrance.

If you want more than just what you can get with your finger, then definitely light the candle and pour a small amount of the melted wax into the palm of your hand. The label says that the temperature of the melted wax is about 101 degrees, which is not hot enough to burn. Rub your hands together and proceed to massage a loved one with this warm scent.

The color of the label is red and white and the color of the candle is off-white. The 4-ounce tin has a lid so that you can keep it dust free and fragrant, as well as travel with it. Total illumination time is 40 hours…unless of course, you use the oils for massaging or for fragrancing your own skin.

Both men and women liked this soft scent, liked the nice size of the tin, that it could be covered and especially liked that the oils are natural and actually work for massage. This candle is available in two other fragrances: Origins or Indian Spice. Whether you use it for personal fragrancing of your skin, for illumination or massaging of a loved one, we think that this is Pure Zing!


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