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Botanical Dreams Eye Pillow
Dancing Dingo

What a cool idea! Do your eyes get tired, puffy, swollen and dry? This soft, satiny eye pillow comes in a tin so that you can keep it in the freezer! Place the cool, fragrant pillow over your tired eyes and relax! The weight of the flaxseeds and lavender buds is perfect for relaxing the tiny muscles around your eyes and the fragrance creates the perfect environment in which to just let go!

This botanical eye pillow is filled with flaxseed, organically grown lavender and a hint of lavender essential oil: only soothing and natural ingredients so that your eyes will become refreshed in the gentlest way. Even if your eyes aren’t tired, swollen or dry, this wonderful, satiny pillow is a great way to go to sleep at night, or to block out the light in the morning or at naptime!

How about keeping this eye-soother in its protective tin in the glove compartment of your car? On long drives, pull over, cover your tired eyes and take an eye-refreshing break. Be sure and pack this in your carry on for the plane as it’s a lovely way to shut out the commotion and light. Pin a little piece of elastic onto the pillow if you think you might have to sit up while you use it: it will prevent this soft pillow from falling off.

We know it’s a little out of the ordinary, but we have also seen some Pure Zing team members using this under their wrist as they mouse at the computer! It’s soft, just the right squishy, adaptable height…and the fragrance is so wonderful that long hours of surfing the net for great products doesn’t seem so long after all!

This is also the product that we all reach for when we put our headphones on and listen to meditation or mind power CD’s. The feel, the perfect weight and the soothing aroma of this eye pillow allow you to really go inside yourself and get the most out of your audio programs.

This 9 x 3 ½ -inch pillow would easily fit in a briefcase for business trips and lunch-time eye refreshment. Be sure to pack it in its tin when you tuck it into a backpack or overnight case as it keeps it clean, and preserves the fragrance. Camping, at the office, in the car, at a hotel, on a plane or just at home: this is the nicest way we know of to soothe your eyes and soothe your soul at the same time!

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