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Sandalwood Amber Soy Tealight Candles

Sandalwood Amber Soy Tealight Candles
Pure Integrity Soy Candles

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First, this review cannot go further without extolling the aromatic virtues of this Sandalwood Amber essential oil blend. This is like a fine French perfume: low, warm notes of musk, sandalwood, spice and amber blended with hints of vanilla and the vaguest suggestion of floral. This is a totally sophisticated and even sensual fragrance that speaks of candlelight sparkling on crystal, champagne, silk and soft music. If you want alluring and romantic, this is the fragrance that will set the stage for you!

Several members of the Pure Zing team cannot get enough of this fragrance and having it in tealights is the perfect way to indulge their passion. They put the unlit tealight on their laptop computer…and the warmth releases the heavenly fragrance all around them. They tuck it in their lingerie drawers, slip one in their handbag, and put another in the cup holder in their car. They lay six or seven of them on a long narrow dish and set it between them and their beloved while they sip wine and listen to soft music. One of them has been caught rubbing the soy tealight candle on her wrists as she swears it is the most heavenly fragrance she has ever found: the sultry scent lingers for hours, and she has the ‘perfume’ she has always searched for!

We are charmed! We love the sophisticated organza and ribbon bags that hold 12 tealights so beautifully…as well as allowing the alluring fragrance of the Sandalwood Amber to be appreciated wherever the bag is placed. This gorgeous bag allows you to keep the candles clean while your surroundings benefit from their fragrance. Of course this organza bag looks heavenly in your linen closet…on top of a stack of towels in the guest room or bathroom, as well as looking elegant tied around the neck of a padded hanger that holds a favorite dress. Yes, these organza encased candles-in-waiting are also sachets! Note also that when the tealights are gone, the organza bag remains: to elegantly store jewelry in a suitcase…or makeup in an evening handbag!

Each tealight candle comes in its own clear plastic container so that if you do not have tealight holders…it doesn’t make any difference. We love to tuck these tealights between different sizes and styles of tealight holders, so that some candles are high, some are low…some are half hidden by their container…and others flicker and shine clearly. A beautiful presentation is a shallow bowl or lipped dish filled with a little water. Mass the candles and light them: the water and bowl reflect the candle glow so close to the water…creating more sparkle.

These tealight organza bags are also the perfect way to try out all the fragrances that this supplier has to offer! Whether you want the aromas of freshly roasted hazelnuts, cinnamon, cucumber melons or pomegranates, or prefer honeysuckle, lilac, lily of the valley or lemongrass and clary sage…you will easily and affordably discover the scent that is perfect for your style, (or season) if you purchase tealights.

We’ve given you a dozen ways in which to experience these fragrance-filled tealights. Have fragrant fun trying every one of them!

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