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Organza Wrap Soy Candle Gift Sets
Organza Wrap Soy Candle Gift Sets
Pure Integrity Soy Candles

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What a pretty idea! What a lovely way to gift someone! This is a stunning way to impress and thank a hostess for a dinner or an overnight visit. This is a memorable way to dress up a whole table at a baby shower or bridesmaid’s luncheon. Want to get a women’s retreat or getaway weekend off to a great start? Consider giving these organza wrapped candles to everyone!

Two exceptionally fragrant soy candles (one 16-ounce candle and one 5-ounce candle) are captured and surrounded by the most beautiful organza wrap, complete with organza ribbons! Not only can you choose from between 60+ fragrances of candles to suit the person, mood, event or season, you can choose from nine colors of organza!

The colors of organza you can pick from are white, classic ivory, yellow, pastel pink, pastel blue, lavender, olive green, hunter green and burgundy and while dressing up any gift box or table, the wrapping also allows the voluptuous scent of the candles to be easily appreciated.

This line of pure soy candles is specially formulated to contain 30% more fragrance than just about any other candle you have ever experienced. Rich, full scents ranging from contemporary and sophisticated to florals, fruits and spices will be appreciated by any recipient.

Each candle may be of a different scent if you choose, but no matter what fragrances you pick your gift will be appreciated for a long time: the 16-ounce candle burns for 75 hours and the 5-ounce candle burns for 30 hours!

The presentation is definitely for a woman….but the rich scents will be loved by anyone! A gorgeous and dramatic presentation….unbelievably aromatic candles…this gift idea is Pure Zing!

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