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10 Ounce Chai Latte Soy Candle
Pure Integrity Soy Candles

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The Pure Zing team loves this squat and solid frosted candle. It contrasts so nicely with taller and more slender candles as well as taller accessories nearby. This size is a perfect way to truly enjoy a scent, and then move onto another one, and another one! The burn time of this 10-ounce candle is 45 hours: enough for a weekend at the cabin, enough for a whole weeks worth of evening relaxation, enough for more than a month of lunch breaks in your office!

The frosted glass container has a wooden lid which we like to place under the candle as a base…and don’t forget that this candle size (or any of the other sizes!) can all become lovely and secure frosted glass storage containers once the candles are all gone! The various sizes are perfect for storing paperclips, rubber bands and stamps on a desk at work, spices, seeds, nuts and crackers or cookies in a pantry and cotton balls, q-tips, and bath salts in a bathroom or guest room.

How can we describe Chai Latte? Well, go to the very best coffee and tea house in town and order a hot chai latte. Inhale deeply and sip. Inhale deeply and sip. The aroma is rich, spicy, creamy…and yet with just a hint of a fresh undertone so that it keeps you coming back for more! This candle smells just like the best chai latte you have ever had! Burn this candle while you are drinking a chai latte at the office in the morning, light this while you are browsing through cookbooks or perfecting your latest yoga pose. Spice up your bath time with this candle…and warm up your bedroom with its spicy aroma. Not too sweet, this scent is compelling, addictive and alluring: just like a great chai latte drink!

Of course, you don’t have to purchase this fragrance. You can pick from among 60 other fragrances, but we thought that you might like the Zinginess of the name of this fragrance…as much as the delicious aroma! A hit with men and women, this candle would make a great hostess or ‘thinking of you’ gift. It’s sure to be well received as the wax is pure soy, and the essential oils are blended in such a way as to increase the aroma 30% more than other candles!

Whether you choose this size, or even this fragrance is up to you. We do know however that whatever you choose from this line will be a hit with both you…and any lucky recipient!

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