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Himalayan Crystal Salt Inhaler

Original Himalayan Crystal Salt® Inhaler
American BlueGreen, LLC

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This is an amaZing, breakthrough product that will benefit you whether you have respiratory problems, or not. In today’s polluted world, our lungs are taking in microscopic pollutants every moment of everyday whether indoors or outside. There is now a way to combat the deleterious effects of this onslaught!

Just like we are careful to cleanse our body, hair and mouth, and just like some do an internal cleanse once a year, our respiratory system can also be cleansed. If you do not live near the seashore or do not have access to the well-known European salt mines, then this handheld ceramic inhaler is your answer to cleansed, soothed and revitalized lungs!

Halotherapy and Speleotherapy (breathing of mineralized salt air, often in underground salt caves) are both ancient and recognized ways to resolve:

  • Influenza, colds and other chest infections
  • Allergies and hay fever
  • Asthma
  • Coughing from air pollution or smoking
  • Infections from recycled air on airplanes
  • Sinus and Rhinitis problems
  • Sore throats and chronic coughing
  • Breathing difficulty

The pale blue ceramic inhaler contains Himalayan Crystal Salt which is from an ancient and pure ocean. The dried and totally pure salt was contained under the Himalayan Mountains and is hand mined with care. This incredible salt contains 84 ional minerals and trace elements that our body needs for optimum health. Salt is very cleansing and of great benefit in allowing healing to take place. The bottom of the inhaler contains the salt which is placed between two porcelain filters. By placing your mouth over the tip of the inhaler and breathing in, your lungs receive mineral charged, healing and cleansing, moist salt air.

Breathe in through your mouth, and exhale through your nose. That is all you have to do! Do this daily for 15-20 minutes to relieve respiratory symptoms, or do it daily for 5-15 minutes to cleanse and soothe your lungs. Our team has done this while reading books in bed, while reading information on the computer or just sitting outside enjoying a break in the sunshine. This is a totally non-invasive, drug-free approach to cleansing your lungs. All you have to do is get into the rhythm of breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose. The exhalation through your nose prevents ‘used’ air from flowing back into the inhaler and over the salt.

Hippocrates, father of modern medicine used inhalation of salt air to cure respiratory problems. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited over the centuries from inhalation of the air in the European salt mines. Now you can get the same benefits without leaving your home. Anyone can use the inhaler as often as they wish as there are no negative side effects.

When you breathe in through the salt inhaler, you can literally feel a difference in the quality of the air! Every breathe you take is being filtered by incredibly pure salt filled with ionized, life-giving minerals. After 5-10 minutes of using the inhaler you can taste a small amount of saltiness on your lips and in your mouth. This let’s you know that indeed, the air that you are taking into your lungs has microscopic salt crystals in it. It is salt in this form that is able to get deeply into your lungs and cleanse and bring them relief.

The inhaler is very sturdy ceramic, but not heavy. The salt cannot leak out or spill. The base is wide enough to sit without tipping and the ceramic surface is easy to clean and hold. Our team used a paper towel moistened with apple cider vinegar to cleanse the tip of the inhaler so that more than one person could use it. Use the inhaler everyday, and after two years, obtain a refill of this special salt.

Our whole team is incredibly impressed with the lung cleansing benefits of this inhaler! Use of it requires no effort other than gently placing your lips over the tip and breathing in through your mouth and out through your nose. Breathe in pure, mineral-rich and cleansing salt crystal air, and breathe a sigh of relief from pollution, allergies and respiratory symptoms. This product is Pure, Pure Zing!

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