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From the blazing red color, to the rich fragrance, to the perfect fire in your mouth, Harissa is the ultimate experience in condiments. The hex jar with a gold lid and green and red Moroccan tile label is exotic. The ingredients though are basic: hot peppers, salt and olive oil…and yet, the results are divine!

I don’t know what kind of peppers they grow in Morocco, but they are absolutely wonderful: lemony, flavorful, rich, and then the heat hits…and is gone. What a pepper.

What a condiment! Bright red peppers are pureed with salt and olive oil and you spoon this delightful paste over anything and everything: I used it on eggs in the morning, on a wrap with cheese and chicken, in the best chili I have ever made, ate it straight from the spoon, on top of a hamburger, with cream cheese and crackers, in tuna salad, and in homemade chicken rice soup. It literally takes the mundane to new heights! This red paste is addictive in that it has an elusive lemony flavor, is not too hot and has such a rich flavor. It’s nothing like a hot sauce, or barbeque sauce…or anything American that you are familiar with. It’s from Morocco and its simplicity of ingredients works because the pepper is so incredible. I can’t say enough about this condiment except ‘Get it’!

You’ll love it in just about anything that you can think to put it in. In fact, I just took some spoonfuls of a bison roast broth and swirled it into the jar to get every last morsel of this incredible paste. The broth should have a richer tasted because of it. Wonderfully different, this is one that we are always going to have a jar of on our shelf!

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