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Jams, Jellies & Spreads

Artichoke and Green Olive Tapenade  

Delicae Gourmet Artichoke Parmesan Tapenade
Artichokes, olive oil, Parmesan, green olives, lemon juice, Zinfandel wine, capers, garlic, herbs and black pepper, these meld these together and you have a flavor explosion that makes crusty bread heavenly. Read more...

Artichoke and Green Olive Tapenade  

Delicae Gourmet Artichoke and Green Olive Tapenade
This is the stuff of elegant appetizers, inspired toppings, and secret ingredients in coveted recipes. Get several jars as once opened, it will disappear! Read more...

Hemp Seed Butter  

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Butter
This is not butter like from a cow, this is ‘butter’ like in nut butter! Think peanut butter, or cashew butter that you spread on bread and slather jelly over. This is like that….except nuttier!Read more...

Strawberry Amaretto  Conserve  

Vermont Harvest Strawberry Amaretto Conserve
It is positively THICK with fruit and TONS of almonds! This is the type of magic in a jar that makes you look like you slaved for hours! Read more...

Smokin’ Garlic Tomato Spread  

Vermont Harvest Smokin’ Garlic Tomato Spread
Mouthwatering! Really, all you have to do is open the jar and take one small sniff of this spread and your eyes are ready to roll back in your head with delight! Read more...

Pumpkin Butter  

Vermont Harvest Pumpkin Butter
Very sophisticated and not overly sweet, this is for spicy pumpkin pie lovers who can’t wait for November. Read more...

Cranberry Chutney  

Vermont Harvest Cranberry Chutney
The ingredients are cranberries, sugar, cider vinegar, raisins and spices. This has been cooked down to bring out the best in each ingredient and the results are sublime! Read more...

Blueberry Bourbon Conserve  

Vermont Harvest Blueberry Bourbon Conserve
The ingredients are blueberries, apples, sugar, raisins, bourbon, walnuts, lemon juice, pectin and spices. Did we mention how thick and rich this conserve is? Read more...

BananaBerry Jam  

Vermont Harvest BananaBerry Jam
The banana flavor is predominant and rich…so don’t expect this to taste like strawberry or raspberry jam; its far more complex and interesting than that… Read more...

Apple Rum Walnut Conserve  

Vermont Harvest Apple Rum Walnut Conserve
It first comes across with a super rich applesauce flavor and then Oh My….it develops into this gloriously chunky and complex conserve that it just waiting to adorn a croissant, waffle or pancake. Read more...


Peanut Better Creamy Mixed Nuts Peanut Better 
A mixture of roasted almonds, roasted peanuts and some sea salt… ground to a rich and creamy texture. This creation is soft and creamy, not runny. Read more...


Peanut Better Chunky Mixed Nuts Peanut Better 
This is a soft and moist peanut butter that is creamy in texture…around all those delightful peanut and almond chunks. Read more...


Peanut Better Sweet Molasses Peanut Better 
Not too sweet, but with a warm and satisfying caramel-like flavor, you’ll sneak it into cookie recipes, use it as part of a frosting, or even glaze a ham with it. Read more...


Peanut Better Rosemary Garlic Peanut Better 
The peanut butter becomes the perfect vehicle for the rosemary and garlic flavors, and that is why this fabulous combination could be used in so many ways. Read more...


Peanut Better Onion Parsley Peanut Better 
Top baked potatoes, pair with onion crackers and a sharp cheese, stuff in olives or slather on a wrap with lettuce, onion and roasted chicken. Read more...


Peanut Better Spicy Southwestern Peanut Better 
This is going to be your ‘spicy little secret’ that makes people sit up and take notice! Read more...


Peanut Better Cinnamon Currant Peanut Better 
Whether you use this flavor to concoct an elegant entrée, or top a banana split with it, it is rich and distinctive. No one will forget this flavor, and our team agreed that this could easily become a favorite. Read more...


Peanut Better Vanilla Cranberry Peanut Better 
No cholesterol, this sweet treat is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. 20% lower in fat than leading grocery store brands, you can afford to splurge with this creation whenever you get the urge! Read more...


Peanut Better Peanut Praline Peanut Better 
10% lower in fat than the leading brands, without hydrogenated oils, no cholesterol, vegan and gluten free… treat yourself to something that tastes perfectly praline. Read more...


Peanut Better Thai Ginger and Red Pepper Peanut Better 
This flavor is like getting the secret sauce recipe to your favorite Thai dish and knowing that whenever you get a craving for exotic, all you have to do is open your own personal jar. Read more...


Peanut Better Hickory Smoked Peanut Better 
Chocolate lovers will adore this, you will be forever grateful that this creamy, organic, deep chocolate peanut butter concoction exists! Read more...


Peanut Better Deep Chocolate Peanut Better 
Chocolate lovers will adore this, you will be forever grateful that this creamy, organic, deep chocolate peanut butter concoction exists! Read more...


Minorcan Datil Pepper Jelly 
A piquant minty, sweet-sour-hot that is vibrant, you’re going to love this unusual one. Read more...


Minorcan Datil Cran-Datil Jam 
This is a one of a kind, refreshing take on what can be done with cranberries. Read more...


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