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Apple Rum Walnut Conserve

Apple Rum Walnut Conserve
Vermont Harvest

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Have you ever had the perfect applesauce? One loaded with cinnamon, slightly chunky, rich with flavor? If you have, you’re lucky. But now you’re even more fortunate as this is even better! This has apples, oranges, sugar, raisins, walnuts, rum, lemon juice, pectin and spices in it. It first comes across with a super rich applesauce flavor and then Oh My….it develops into this gloriously chunky and complex conserve that it just waiting to adorn a croissant, waffle or pancake.

This is the stuff of gift giving. Your friends and family will adore you for introducing them to this spicy, chunky mélange that can top ice cream, pound cake, and should literally be baked into turnovers and would make the MOST marvelous apple pie filling! Get the freshest apple muffins or English muffins that you can find and then slowly and deliberately, spread this on them, and sigh as it melts in your mouth.

What a compliment to cheese! Try a dollop of this on potatoes au gratin thick with cheese and serve this with Stilton with crackers for a flavor twist. This will make chicken and ham sing! Spread this on wraps and sandwiches and even use this as a side for your favorite curry. Or, just eat this with a spoon. No matter whether you use this for sweet or savory recipes, it will give it a depth, a sparkle and a Zing!

Here is the creator’s stuffing recipe for turkey that uses this adaptable conserve:

Apple Rum Walnut Stuffing
7-ounces Stuffing Mix
1 cup water
½ cup butter (1 stick)
1 apple chopped
1 cup Apple Rum Walnut Conserve ( 1 jar)
½ cup raisins
Bring water to a boil in a saucepan with butter and heat until butter is melted. Combine all other ingredients and add to saucepan. Mix thoroughly. Enough to stuff an 8-10 lb. turkey.

There are 8-ounces of sheer culinary delight in this jar and you will enjoy it down to the last raisin and walnut chunk. Not heavy on the rum, this unique, rich, spicy conserve is a compliment to so many foods; you will reach for this over and over and over. Our suggestion? Get two or more jars as this is Pure Zing!

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