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Raw Jalapeno Cheese

Raw Grass Fed Jalapeno Cheese
US Wellness Meats


John Wood of Grassland Meats True raw cheese and the butter judged #1 In The U.S. by American Cheese Society is right here. Click here to listen.

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Have you ever eaten a hot piece of rubber that was called Jalapeno cheese? Well, this is not it. This is real cheese, made from raw milk, from grass fed cows and with just the right amount of jalapeno thrown in for flavor.

The cheese is firm, but just creamy smooth enough not to crumble, and comes in a 10.5-ounce wedge. Flecks of green jalapeno are visible in the butter colored wedge and they do not overpower or burn your mouth.

The aroma is both cheese and jalapeno and the flavor is a combination of rich, buttery, tangy cheese and satisfying heat.

This is marvelous melted! Its stringy, creamy ooze is perfect with eggs, chips, in casseroles, on a warm tortilla with salsa on top. Cold it’s great with crackers, chips, in a wrap, tossed in a salad with onions, tomatoes and Jicama or eat it plain and wash it down with Mexican beer with a lime wedge in it.

This cheese is hearty enough to stand up to spices, and creamy and balanced enough to just pop into your mouth without bringing tears to your eyes.

Filled with CLA and plenty of nutrition from cows that are only grass fed with no hormones, antibiotics or animal by products, the only ingredients are raw milk (unpasteurized and aged at least 60 days) and jalapeno.

This is real cheese and for jalapeno lovers, this is your new favorite.

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