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Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips (it’s a cracker too!)

Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips (it’s a cracker too!)
Food Should Taste Good

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When you first bite into this cracker-tortilla chip you get a delightful Zing of salt…and then this rich flavor of corn and grains, and then it finishes as the sweet taste of sweet potato. WOW, that’s some flavor trip! Each chip is about 3-inches long, by 1 ½ -inches wide and is the perfectly pure and natural cross between a tortilla chip and a cracker. We also noticed that the size and composition of the chips make them sturdier and less prone to breaking or shattering: a great thing if you like dipping and not leaving a piece of your dipper in the guacamole bowl!

We LOVE the simple ingredients that turn into an amaZing chip/cracker: stone ground corn, sunflower or safflower oil, sweet potato, corn bran, evaporated cane juice and sea salt. This combination results in a mild chip/cracker that would go well with just about anything you can name: cheese, meats, soups, stews, jams and jellies, dips and salsas. The mildly salty-sweet taste complements rather than gets in the way of other foods, and the size of the chip makes it a REAL dipper or satisfying side for soups or stews.

This flavor is available in a lunch box or glove compartment 1-ounce size. We happen to love the 6-ounce size as frankly, we just can’t get enough of them and it would be embarrassing to open SIX of the smaller packages to satisfy our craving for them! If you want to try the other flavors of this supplier (Olive, Jalapeno, Chocolate, Multigrain, The Works or Buffalo (as in Buffalo Wing flavor!)), then you’ll love that you can order your choice of 24 1-ounce bags, or your choice of 12 6-ounce bags. Just think, you’ll never ever have to run out of great cracker/tortilla chip flavor choices!

We have to admit that this Sweet Potato flavor is pretty addictive! I mean, we reach for it with cheese, we reach for it with soup, we reach for it just to pop one in our mouth and savor the flavor. I mean, one potato, two potato, three potato…MORE! They make a ‘crunched’ crunchy topping on steamed vegetables and one of our peanut butter-freak testers believes that this would be the perfect ‘crunch’ dipper for non-crunchy peanut butter! The owner/creator of this chip highly recommends these chips with apple butter, raspberry jam, fruit salsa and cinnamon. Whether you use them with sweet or savory accompaniments, you’ll find, just like us,that you just can’t get enough of them!

Corn, sweet potato, sea salt and cane juice….think of the sweet, salty, corny flavor combination and then you’ll know why our team keeps reaching for these! It’s pretty hard to find a cracker/tortilla chip that doesn’t have nasty oils or chemicals or that has a unique flavor. Not these. Great clean ingredients, amaZing flavor and food combination adaptability make these chip/crackers Pure Zing!

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