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Whole Grains, Nuts & Seeds

Healthy Baking & Nutritious SnacksWe already recognize the importance of incorporating whole grains such as oats into your diet to reduce cholesterol - but growing research shows that following a diet that incorporates at least 25g of fibre per day helps to increase heart health, decrease the risk of diabetes, and has the added benefit of helping to lose and regulate your weight!

Furthermore nuts and seeds provide great tasting snacks with the added benefits of protein and omega fats. These are all great reasons to make sure grains and nuts are a part of your healthy diet!

Latest Products
All Natural Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds
SuperSeedz All Natural Gourmet Pumpkin Seeds A SUPER way to get the vital minerals everybody needs for health. Each serving contains 25% daily value of iron and they come seasoned in four SUPER flavors. Read more...
Cranberry Ginger Chia Goodness Ruth’s Hemp Foods Cranberry Ginger Chia Goodness If you like cereal but don’t trust all the sugary hype of the major brands and if you don’t want to cook oatmeal but love the consistency of it, then this is a GREAT solution to the breakfast blues. Read more...
Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips (it’s a cracker too!)

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips (it’s a cracker too!) We have to admit that this Sweet Potato flavor is pretty addictive! I mean, we reach for it with cheese, we reach for it with soup, we reach for it just to pop one in our mouth and savor the flavor. I mean, one potato, two potato, three potato…MORE! Read more...

Organic Shelled Hempseed

Nutiva Organic Shelled Hempseed If you want the nutrition of hemp seeds without the strong flavor of hemp, these mildly nutty seeds from Nutiva would be an excellent choice! Read more...

Top Products

1. Dr. Lankin's Awesome Almonds® Orange Vanilla Almonds Low in calories, satisfyingly sweet and crunchy, this could be the perfect “diet” snack. Read more...

2. Manitoba Harvest Hemp Seed Nut – Shelled Hemp Seed Eat these scrumptious hemp seed ‘nuts’ with abandon and confidence. This is a great snack and recipe enhancer that our team just can’t seem to get enough of. Read more...

3. Food Should Taste Good Buffalo Tortilla Chips (it’s a cracker too!) This is the closest to Buffalo Wings that you will get without cooking, chicken and drippiness being involved! Yowza these cracker/tortilla chips are spicy, tingly, flavorful and addictive…just like Buffalo Wings! Read more...

4. Transition Nutrition Bliss Mix Raw Trail Mix Premium select goji berries, organic golden Himalayan raisins, organic mulberries, organic pistachios, organic cashews, macadamia nuts and organic cacao nibs. Yow, but they taste divine singly and in a blissful mouthful! Read more...

5. Higher Power Northwest Blend Trail Mix The mix has a wonderful earthy, warm flavor. It’s all rich and subtle and the cinnamon ties it all together. Read more...

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