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100% Organic Canadian Wild Rice

Canadian Wild Rice
North Bay Trading Company


Even here at Pure Zing where we are constantly on the search for pure, natural and organic products, we find ourselves sometimes needing a reality check on the origins of some foods. Not all of our food is created in processing facilities. In light of that, we have included the following wonderful images of where this wild rice comes from. These images are from the web site of the supplier of this amaZing wild rice. We hope that you are as awed as we are at all the work that goes into bringing all of us such a precious, nutritious and unique product.

This rice is certified 100% organic, is wild harvested, and is a premium grade rice from pristine lakes in the north of Canada. Literally the finest wild rice available, the grains range from ½-inch to a full inch in length, the colors being very dark brown and almost black. The water is so pure, the bedrock of the lakes so mineral-rich and the northern sunlight so long in summer that the rice has no comparison anywhere in the world.

The aroma is nutty and warm, the texture firm when cooked, and the flavor is rich and earthy. There is no stickiness or mushiness to this rice. Cook it according to the easy directions and the rice will expand to approximately three times its size, each grain distinct from the other. You will never serve a ‘glob’ of stuck- together rice when you serve this rice: one of the joys of it!

Another joy of it is its richness. We are all so used to plain white rice and even bland brown rice that when you reacquaint yourself with a wild rice, you almost can’t get enough of it! The chew is satisfying, the flavor deep and complex, and the lightness of separate grains a pure pleasure.

Of course the ultimate pleasure is the myriad ways that wild rice can be enjoyed. Plain with salt and a light coating of a flavorful olive oil or real butter is tremendously satisfying while adding nuts and dried fruits complements the rice so well that it almost sings. Stuffed in a duck or turkey, added to a mushroom gratin, or accompanying roast meats - it doesn’t seem to matter – this rice is superb! How about as a bed for a hearty stew, or added to a warming soup? The Wild Rice Soup recipe from the supplier’s sounds rich and easy and a great way to showcase this nutty, flavorful rice. Try seasoning this rice and stuffing green peppers with it, and of course add this to your casseroles that require rice: replacing your white rice for a change.

You will love the tough, re-sealable 1-pound bag that it comes in complete with a picture of a moose on it. This rice will keep in a cool, dry place for up to a year, and if you have cooked the rice and have leftovers, it freezes beautifully.

Man, woman or child, every Pure Zing team member LOVES this rice! Treat yourself to the best! Serve this to guests, and give it as gifts: this is amaZing rice that you will never regret trying and buying more of. This rice is Pure Zing!

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