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Eco Accessories

EcoAccessoriesPureZing is starting it's search for beautiful and environmentally friendly accessories for your home.

From art and crafts, lamps, small furniture and accessories, baskets and clayware, we're looking for environmentally -friendly objects, or items made from recycled materials, to bring a personal touch, add some ambience, and create a harmonious environment in your home.

Featured Line of Products

Baskets of Africa

The owner of this company, Cael (pronounced Kale) pays better than a fair trade wage. He pays a ‘success’ wage. This means that rather than Cael setting the price of the value of the baskets, the weavers set the price. For the first time, weavers and artisans do not have to settle for anyone else’s idea of value for their creations!


Zulu, Swazi, Botswana, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda and Zimbabwe.  The names are almost as colorful and beautiful as the baskets!  If you are having a stressful day, visit this site, or cradle one of these baskets in your hands: your spirits will immediately lift and you will smile.

These baskets are like sunshine and sky, flowers, plains and water: the colors, patterns and textures of Africa.  They are intricate, detailed, unique, handmade and express the creative side of many parts of this large and exotic continent.  We can’t begin to tell you how impressed we are with this collection, the owner and his concept. Continue reading...


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