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Simple Bleach Alternative
Seaside Naturals

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Not too long ago, when women wanted to bleach their linens and cuffs and collars white, they would put them on the grass, in the sun, and let the power of nature whiten and brighten.

Then, along came better living by chemicals. We learned to manipulate and invent, and we created bleach: harsh, dangerous fumes, irritating to skin and toxic.

Now, there is an alternative. A natural one. Also a simple one if you don’t have an expanse of green grass and unlimited sunshine right outside your door. Try this dry powered bleach alternative made from only sodium perborate.

When our team looked up this ingredient we found that it has antiseptic properties and that it can also disinfect. When this ingredient mixes with water, it produces hydrogen peroxide and borate and through its high oxygen content, removes stains.

We used it in a load of white clothes. For a top-loading washer, use ¼ cup per load, and for front loading washers, use 1/8 cup. We washed as usual and white towels, t-shirts, dishcloths, underwear, and shirts came out white. We had some old bloodstains on a few pieces of clothing and so we dissolved some of this powder in a bowl of water and put the articles in to soak. The bigger stains took longer, but in a few hours they were all gone!

The owners also say that it can whiten and disinfect white surfaces, so if your white sink or laminate countertop is looking a little yellow, you might try wiping it with this mixed in a little water. Just dip your sponge in it and disinfect your sponge at the same time as you whiten your other surfaces.

It’s nice to find a bleach alternative that doesn’t have fumes, doesn’t fade colors, and keeps the yellow or gray at bay. In a screw top soft plastic, clear 32-ounce bottle, this slightly granular powder easily dissolves in water. No fumes or fragrance whatsoever, no burning or irritation of our skin…we all think that this is Pure Zing!

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