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Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent

Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent
Toni Natural

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This is an easy to handle 32-ounce bottle of concentrated liquid laundry detergent. How concentrated? You get a whopping 32 loads of laundry: one ounce per load! In these troubled economic times that is a wonderful savings of money without compromising cleanliness.

What do we like about this? We LOVE the REAL lemon fragrance from REAL lemon and citrus essential oil that not only gives it a super fresh smell, but actually helps to clean and naturally brighten clothes.

We LOVE that this is gentle enough for baby clothes and yet tough on grease and grime. We used this all natural, gentle cleaner to soak some white bamboo bottom sheets that had a dingy look. You could literally see the body oils rise to the surface of the water, and then go right down the drain! The sheets came out white, clean and fresh smelling without harsh bleach or toxic detergents.

The ingredients are vegetable oil based soap; nonionic surfactant(vegetable oil based) silicates;zeolites;propenoic acid(natural minerals for water softening & soil suspension) non-genetically modified enzymes (for protein and starch stain removal)and citrus pure essential fragrance oils (for fragrancing and cleaning). The ingredients are completely biodegradable making this safe for septic systems, greywater systems and of course, the environment and you.

If your skin is sensitive, be sure and try this detergent as it is hypo-allergenic and does not contain synthetic fragrances that can irritate as well as be toxic. There are NO color brightening chemicals or phosphates, but this detergent does contain non genetically modified enzymes to gobble up all kinds of stains and dirt.

We LOVED that this detergent actually foams (we DO love to see bubbles in the water to know that cleaning is actually taking place) and dark or light, natural or synthetic, each piece of fabric that was washed in this detergent came out clean and fresh smelling.

There is a companion fabric softener that you should also check out as it softens naturally. One or both products will finally give you the kind of cleaning that you have been looking for: naturally clean and fresh and at a GREAT price!

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