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Natural Fabric Softener Lavender

Natural Fabric Softener Lavender
Toni Natural

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We stopped using softener sheets years ago when we found out that there were TOXIC synthetic chemicals in them that you breathed in the air as well as absorbed through your skin. YUCK!!

So, it was with delight that we tried THIS fabric softener and inspected the label only to find that this softener is indeed all natural and safe for you, the environment and your clothes.

The ingredients are a canola-based softening agent and pure Bulgarian Lavender essential fragrance oil. This highly concentrated liquid can equal up to half a gallon of store bought (toxic!) fabric softeners and this one does NOT create a greasy build up on your clothes after repeated usage.

NO dyes, NO synthetic fragrances, completely biodegradable and NON yellowing, this white liquid softener smells divine and not only softens your clothes, but cuts static and makes ironing easier or unnecessary.

32-ounces will last you a long time. Use this even on delicate baby clothes knowing that lavender essential oil is safe for little ones and even your toughest testosterone case will love the lemony fresh fragrance that will remind them of the great outdoors.

If you want the perfect companion detergent that is clean and green, be sure and check out the Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent that is non-toxic and without synthetic, toxic fragrances. Both products are Pure Zing!

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